Democrats slow to back teacher bills

The nonpartisan Chalkboard Project introduced House Bill 2614 in 2007 …would have been based on national standards that are directly linked to student achievement. HB 2614 would have promoted educational best practices in special education and promoted digital connectivity in rural schools. Thanks to the majority party’s inaction, the bill never received a vote on the House floor.

Before February of this year…Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli of John Day introduced Senate Bill 1097, which was similar to the legislation introduced the year before. SB 1097 was referred to Sen. Vicki Walker’s committee. While she was gracious enough to give the bill a hearing, professional development legislation was blocked once again.

Republicans have repeatedly called for mandatory performance auditing for school districts across our state…to increase accountability…and ensure taxpayer dollars are reaching the classroom. Democrats voted to keep this legislation buried in committee where it had no chance of passing.

…the Legislature is doing nothing to remove the veil of secrecy that allows sexual predators to remain in our schools.

“See Bruce Hanna editorial here”

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  • Julie

    This was easy to predict.
    I mean how was the Chalkboard project ever going to take on the teacher’s union? They weren’t, haven’t and won’t.
    The OEA Democrat politicians make sure of that.

    But why do Oregon Democrat politicians hate public schools?

    They’ve been controlling them for decades.

    Even the The Oregonian ‘Democrat’ Editorial board finally acknowledged Oregon schools score low in national rankings on 9 or 10 key education issues.

    Oregon also has a low graduation rate.
    Worse in the heavily Democrat Portland at 54%
    That’s lower a lower rate than 27 of the nation’s 50 biggest city’s.
    Seattle graduates 68% Sacramento 67% Albuquerque 61% and several other large Western cities perform better.

    Yet there is even worse news.

    Oregon’s low graduation rate isn’t because Oregon has tough graduation requirements.
    Quite the contrary, Oregon has nearly the lowest English and Math course requirements in the country. Among the bottom 5.

    Low graduation rates from low graduation requirements is the outcome of Oregon Democrats and the OEA who elects them.

    But while this LOW ranking of Oregon schools worsens Democrats have been busy touting contrived successes and blocking improvements.

    By falsely claiming Students excel on tests such as the SAT, perpetuating 15 years of costly CIMCAM failure, and now blocking the added course requirements till 2014.
    These Democrat politicians while posturing themselves as champions of public education are it’s worst enemies.

    • Anonymous

      They don’t care about our kids, they only care about their policies

    • Jerry

      Very well stated and, sadly, quite true!


    The liberals in state government and the teachers unions routinely move teachers who molest their students, to other distrcts instead of firing them.

    Do you really think they’ll punish or allow to be punished a teacher who doesn’t meet preset teaching goals?

  • Anon

    Too bad Bruce Hanna couldn’t recruit any Republican candidates to run this year, which means we’ll be stuck with the same Democrat leadership in Salem again.

    The real INACTION here was Bruce Hanna’s inaction in recruiting any candidates this year.


    The above is a story in the Oregonian today. 348 perv teachers , 57 accusations since Feb. I’m glad this isn’t on the socialists radar, its not like its a serious issue I guess…..

  • Phoebe

    No audits, no trust.

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