Democrats slow to back teacher bills

The nonpartisan Chalkboard Project introduced House Bill 2614 in 2007 …would have been based on national standards that are directly linked to student achievement. HB 2614 would have promoted educational best practices in special education and promoted digital connectivity in rural schools. Thanks to the majority party’s inaction, the bill never received a vote on the House floor.

Before February of this year…Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli of John Day introduced Senate Bill 1097, which was similar to the legislation introduced the year before. SB 1097 was referred to Sen. Vicki Walker’s committee. While she was gracious enough to give the bill a hearing, professional development legislation was blocked once again.

Republicans have repeatedly called for mandatory performance auditing for school districts across our state…to increase accountability…and ensure taxpayer dollars are reaching the classroom. Democrats voted to keep this legislation buried in committee where it had no chance of passing.

…the Legislature is doing nothing to remove the veil of secrecy that allows sexual predators to remain in our schools.

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