Obama should not let Iran get nukes

by Justen Charters

In the realm of the Obama Administration, imposing tougher sanctions on Iran is just code for let’s do nothing.  Who genuinely believes that pressuring the Mullahs to stop their uranium enrichment program, is actually going to work?  Vice President Joe Biden perhaps? (Insert 2009 Iran is not a threat quote here)  For crying out loud they provided haven and sanctuary for Osama’s Bin Laden’s son.  We are talking about a nation that is notorious for holding World Without America Conferences, where Israel and the United States are synonymous with Satan.  And they would like to perform their exorcism by whatever means necessary.

Don’t believe me?

Well you’ve heard it from the lips of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad himself, “The extermination of six million Jews during World War II is a myth.”  “The Zionists are the true manifestation of Satan.”  Frankly the guy has enough Anti-Semitic material to give Josef Goebbels a run for his Reich’s marks.

The real question is, how much of a threat is Iran?  Skeptics will tell you not much, due to the United States spending twice as much on its defense budget than Iran grosses in its yearly GDP.  They will also tell you that even if Iran possessed a nuclear weapon, it does not have the capability to use it.  (They’d probably also tell you suicide bombers aren’t dangerous either)  All it takes is one right?  Furthermore they say that if Iran used such a device, it would be detrimental to their very existence.  In the hearts and minds of people who value life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the mere thought that one would consider the consequence after Iran used a nuclear weapon, instead of preventing them from using it at all, is absolutely abhorrent.

Not to mention, Iran has missiles that can travel over 1,250 miles.  Tel Aviv Israel is roughly 900 miles from Tehran.  Israel is only 263 miles long, meaning they could strike anywhere in the country.  Remember Iran provides funds for terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah to operate as well.  So who’s to say they don’t send the nuke from the Gaza Strip?  With all the levels of infrastructure terror cells have infiltrated in the United States, who’s to say they can’t put a mushroom cloud over a major US city?

Do you actually feel okay with the intelligence officials that Barack Obama has appointed?  Like our Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta who said in regard to Israel attacking Iran, “To go beyond (sanctions and diplomacy) raises our concerns about the unintended consequences that could result…There are going to be economic consequences to that, that could impact not just on our economy but the world economy.  To the impact on the economy he may be right.  But he doesn’t seem to be considering the catastrophe that would emerge if Iran used a nuke on Israel or the US.  To put it plainly around 166,000 casualties can be attributed to the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan.  Should we be surprised though?  After all he is a member of administration that invited the Muslim Brotherhood (A group that supports Jihad, Sharia Law and scrapping the peace treaty with Israel) to the negotiating table.  As a result guess who is about to obtain parliamentary majority in the so called free and fair elections?  The Muslim Brotherhood.  Its no wonder recent Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani said, “Like it or not, Egypt is New Iran.”

As of now Iran has a few thousand centrifuges for enriching uranium and they are aiming for 54,000.  That is enough to make a handful of nukes.  How can someone believe it’s for peaceful purposes?  You have a government that abides by medieval legislation.  They chop off your hand if you steal.  They stone you if you are found committing adultery.  They gun down their own citizens in cold blood, when they call for basic fundamental human rights.  They claim that one day they will wipe Israel off the map and that capitalism will end.

So a recent poll was conducted where fifty percent of Americans said they favor military action if sanctions fail.  What many don’t understand is implementing sanctions on Iran is about as effective as the pact Neville Chamberlain made with Hitler. (You know the end game) Whatever happened to the good ole standard of not negotiating with terrorists?  And for those who are wondering I am in full support of blowing Iran’s nuclear sites to kingdom come, deposing the current regime and making it rain pocket Constitutions from Tehran’s skies.

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  • valley person

    Just what we need Justin, another regime change war in the Middle east. You look young. Are you volunteering to be the tip of the spear for this one? Are you ready to raise your own taxes to pay for it? Are you ready for a 20 year war with fanatics on their home turf? 

    • None

      I suspect that Justen is a proud member of the Fighting Keyboardists. Very happy to send others in harm’s way, not so eager to go there himself.

  • guest

    Shovel off, VP!

    • 3H

      Feel free to lead by example.

  • 3H

    ” And for those who are wondering I am in full support of blowing Iran’s
    nuclear sites to kingdom come, deposing the current regime and making it
    rain pocket Constitutions from Tehran’s skies.

    The answer seems so easy, doesn’t it, from the comfort of your home.  It’s so simple being an armchair hawk.  Or, am I wrong?  You’ll be one of those called up to go and occupy Iran?  Perhaps you’ll be one of those sent over to a part of the world that will boil over with anger if we topple another government; when our bombs kill innocents.  Have no doubt in your mind, pictures of women, children, and the elderly maimed by our bombs will hit all the newspapers in the region.  News coverage of screaming and crying children, mourning parents, will flood the airwaves.  We will make enemies of people who are sitting on the fence.  That is what Leon Panetta meant by unintended consequences.  Consequences you blithely ignore.

    War may be necessary at some point.  Iran with nuclear weapons is a scary thought. However, it should be the last option when other options have been exhausted.  Fighting a war is not like playing Call of Duty. You don’t get to just turn it off and walk away when you’re done.

    • valley person

      And these people want to be re-elected to run the country again. 2 failed wars weren’t enough for them.

  • Bob Clark

    The oil market seems to be signaling a rising chance of a new Middle East conflict.  Don’t think our country has the stomach for another ultimate risk taking venture like Iran especially at this time.  And this one would take the full support of the nation with domestic sacrifices such as war time taxes.  Think Obama is proceeding with the most viable option, that being, covert operations.  Israel maybe is going to do the fight, and we should back them.  The latter is where Obama is off line, altho the great President Reagan was also said to be leery of letting Israel provoke a broader Middle East war.

    Looking back Senator Hatfield was against Desert Storm 1 (The 1990 Gulf War), and I was as well.  This fight was all about oil.  This conflict actually led to Al Queda’s 9/11 horror.  And the 9/11 horror put us in such a frenzy of fear of WMD most of Congress actually voted in favor of the Iraq war.  Hatfield, indeed, did support the invasion of Iraq because of WMD fears.  Sadam Huessin could not let on he didn’t have WMD because he was a mortal enemy of Iran.  So, we ended up removing the “best” available counter weight to Iran which was Sadam’s Iraq.

    Having made the Iraq mistake, we now must find a way to counter balance Iran by keeping forces in the area and teaming with other countries leery of Iran.  We have to do this while also building a counter weight coalition to place a check on Chineese ambitions.  I think we seriously have to consider relocating our troops and resources in Germany to the two regions:  outside of Iran and continuing our presence in the western pacific.  The Germans need to step back into their role of western Europe defender (or sometimes aggressor…yikes).

    Iran is a very tough nut to crack, and some of it is our own fault.

  • Marvin McConoughey

    Wars are easy to start but difficult to stop.  With all its faults, Iran is a sovereign nation with sovereign rights to develop its nuclear program.  We are undoubtedly right to object to their actions, but going to war is a very major escalation of the dispute.  We should not count on Saudi Arabia or any other Muslim nation to support us, notwithstanding the different historical roots of Iran from its neighbors.

    There is some hope.  The middle east is slowly, fitfully, and painfully modernizing.  Its people have better contacts with the West, old leaders are dying off, and material aspirations may be weakening the fanaticism that sometimes accompanies poverty and ignorance.

    As painful as it may be, muddling along will be  wiser than bold, decisive action in the form of a major war.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    I suppose we could always go back to the dopey NIE report claiming that Iran gave up its nuclear weapons program in 2003. I remember the crowing about that one, what an idiot Bush was with his policy of sanctions on Iran over the issue. Now that Obama is pursuing sanctions though of course its ok.

  • Ladywriter

    This brave man will get our drone back, too, just by asking nice.

    • 3H

      Yes.  How dare they keep the drone we were using to spy on them.

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