89 officials quit over new ethics rules. Government overkill?

Close to 90 government officials, from city hall to city planners, have quit their jobs rather than to submit to the new ethics rules requiring them to list their income sources, family members, certian debts, certain property ownership disclosures, and business connections. Oregonian article here. One lawmaker told me that he has to list all of the organizations he donates to because those organizations could have a lobby presence in the capitol. Not reporting your annual dues to your local chamber or rotary might land you in the government hot seat.

Looks like government over-reach is really causing problems.

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  • Jerry

    I suspect the politicians who came up with this idea are so corrupt they can not figure out how to police themselves without causing these problems.

    Is it any wonder politics draws from the weakest, least successful among us?? I think not.

  • Steve Plunk

    Like the change in school zone speed limit rules a couple of years ago we are seeing the law of unintended consequences at work. The legislature would do us and itself a favor by doing away with the notion that it has to meddle in everything. Sometimes leaving well enough alone is the best choice for our elected officials.

  • Jason W.

    We must not forget that many of these ethics laws were passed hastily with little time for public hearings or input.

  • POM

    Hey, this is a good thing. At least it makes the corruption a little more visible, like plexiglas sewerage pipe!! We could and should fire all City, State, and County management, and hire them back at a 30% reduced pay. This is not the rocket science they have fooled the elected officials into thinking it is. Most of the line staff could eaisley step up, and do a better job without the insider sleaze. It’s time to clean house now!!!

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