Tax hikers debating on tax day

By the Oregon Republican Party

SALEM, Ore. — April 15th, a day most people loathe, Jeff Merkley and Steve Novick love. The tax hike duo will square off on live television for a Tax Day debate that is sure to leave one thing clear – the Portland liberals are not shy about their support for increasing taxes.

Jeff Merkley’s record on tax increases has made the history books.

Jeff Merkley voted for “the largest tax increase in Oregon’s history.” (Source: Russ Walker, “In My Opinion: Which Is It: Yes or No on Ballot Measure 30? No,” The Oregonian, Jan. 19, 2004)

“And when Jason Williams of the Taxpayer Association of Oregon was asked about the House Speaker, he said, “˜When we looked through all the taxes on our records, we couldn’t find a tax Merkley didn’t vote for. I think that says it all.'” (Source: Steve Duin, “Who’s the Madman, Who the Fool?,” The Oregonian, April 13, 2008)

Steve Novick has spent his career trying to convince Oregonians that he loves taxes more.

“Novick loves taxes. He doesn’t tolerate them. He celebrates them.” (Source: Betsy Hammond, “Steve Novick Policy Activist Tries to Share His Love of Taxes, Spending,” The Oregonian, January 16, 2006.)

Which of the candidates loves taxes more? It’s a tough call.

P.S. — The Oregon Republican Party welcomes Candy Neville to share her thoughts on taxes.