Senator Bruce Starr stands up for 2-year-old in custody battle

From State Senator Bruce Starr:

Salem, OR — State Senator Bruce Starr (R-Hillsboro) has intervened on behalf of Faith Cephus, the 2-year-old from Hillsboro that the state of Oregon may try and send to Mexico to live with distant relatives. Faith currently is in the custody of her paternal grandparents. “I am committed to fighting on behalf of this young American citizen so that she can continue to live with her grandparents,” said Starr. “I will be a strong advocate on her behalf and do everything I can to make sure she can stay in her country in the care and protection of her grandparents.”

Starr is working with Bruce Goldberg, Director of the Department of Human Services, to find a resolution to the situation that will allow Faith Cephus to continue living with her grandparents. The Department of Human Services is in the process of determining what is in the best interest of the child. Faith’s mother and father are both in prison and about to lose their parental rights.

“What is best for this child is staying with her grandparents who love her and have the resources to provide for her,” said Starr.

The next step is to convene an Adoption Committee to review the case once parental rights have been terminated. That committee will review the case and recommend a permanent placement for Faith. The committee will not be established until parental rights have been terminated.