Lars Larson on LNG

Hey, if Houston likes those LNG tankers why can’t Oregon warm up to them?

There’s an ongoing fight in Oregon and the rest of the Northwest about not allowing in LNG tankers. You know LNG””Liquified Natural Gas. The fact is, there are a number of people I call them “Luddites”, people who just don’t want to see technology come in.

Let’s give you some facts on the ground. There are an awful lot of people in Oregon and Washington who heat their homes, heat water, and power their industries with natural gas. Just this week a brand new LNG terminal opened in Houston, less than a mile away from some of the most popular birding spots, some real sensitive estuary areas. Yet, they have been able to fit in that LNG terminal and they are bringing energy to the United States for Americans to use.

The Pacific Northwest should do the same thing. We should tell the Luddites to go back to their wood-fired fireplaces and let the rest of us heat things the modern way.
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