Local pundit makes all out prediction for McCain VP pick

GullyBorg, the famous Salem blogger, has seen the future and is making a bold prediction that Tom Ridge will be John McCain’s choice for Vice President. See the big prediction here. Tom Ridge is the former head of Homeland Security, former governor of Pennsylvania and a often labeled maverick.

Could this be? Will it work in Oregon?

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  • devietro

    Tom Ridge wont be it for 3 reasons.

    1. Not known as a hardcore conservative
    2. Viewed as a Bush crony
    3. Only adds foreign policy experience.

    He needs a real conservative, most experts think that person is Mitt Romney.

  • DRJ

    Won’t be Ridge for one reason only. His stance on the abortion issue. That has been clearly identified by the national pundits.

  • John Fairplay

    This could be a good pick. Let’s make sure we understand that the VP candidate’s stance on abortion, whether he’s a conservative or anything else about positions or policy is not relevant to the pick. The most important question is – “can he or she help deliver a state I need to win?”

    Assuming there haven’t been any radical shifts in voting patterns, the next President will need to win 2 of 3 out of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. If picking Ridge gets McCain a Pennsylvania win, that gives him a huge cushion in the Electoral College as he is already likely to win Florida and Ohio. No Democrat can win if McCain wins these three states.

  • oregonelam

    Would Obama or Hillary respond by picking Gov. Rendell as their choice?


    Can Keating 5 McCain find someone more corrupt than himself to run with? That’s gonna be a hard bar for someone to slither under!

  • Don

    I can just imagine the libbys running an ad mocking the color-coded terrorist alert system devised under Ridge. This could be fun!

  • PK2

    Think. If the Republicans picked moderate McCain as their choice, then they can easily pick and be pleased with Ridge. But that is not all. Ridge cannot counter balance the star power of Obama. Ridge cannot counter balance the incumbent appeal of Clinton who rides high from her popular husband. Ridge would reinforce McCain, just not expand McCain. Expansion needed.

    MCCain needs what the Democratic Party is offering.

  • Anonymous

    it’s the electoral college, stupid.

    McCain will win every state GWB won twice. The only states that are close are Ohio and Florida, and McCain trounces Obama in both those states according to early polling. Put Ridge on the ticket, especially after Obama ruined his changes in Pennsylvania, and McCain/Ridge win the Quaker State and coast to electoral college victory.

    It’s not about star power or incumbent power. It’s about electoral votes.

    Every third grader knows that. Well, every smart third grader.

    • dean

      Predictions are difficult, especially about the future. (Thanks to Yogi Berra).

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