V is for Vendetta

V for Vendetta did not have liberal overtones rather it contained libertarian overtones. True, there were moments that hinted at relevant topics of the day, but what more can we expect from Hollywood? The Wachowski brothers are adamant Libertarians and this movie is filled with that perspective. This is primarily evident with a definitive fear of governmental over intrusion into the daily lives of the characters.

The movie has very extreme situations for the loss of civil liberties between people being “black bagged” for being homosexual and a government truck roaming the streets listening in on people’s conversations. It does ring true that we, as Republicans, should be more reflective as we pass legislation similar to the patriot act. What we need to concern ourselves with is what is too much?The central focus of the movie is whether the ends justify the means. Coincidentally, that does relate to the War on Terror. Although, the war on terror is a primary focus and of the greatest importance to the President, we need to be more reflective to whether the steps taken by this government are truly for the benefit of this people. Over the past few weeks I have become wearier as I see current trend in our government. I have become weary as a result of the lack of fiscal responsibility and the arrogance for which this government has conducted itself over the past 5 years. I must call myself a hypocrite because in 2004 I loved the president for his perceived arrogance, his determination to do what is right and good, but now it seems that those characteristics will be the downfall of his legacy and that of the Republican congress that stands with him.

Do understand that I do not think the Democrats would do a better job. Frankly, I fear that they would aggravate the problems rather than alleviate. On the other hand, these characteristics may just be his salvation to his presidency. The president has had resounding poll numbers when he addresses the nation directly and less than stellar when he does not. Frankly, he has accomplished more in the first five years of his presidency than most do in eight years and it is time he starts telling the public about it. I recommend he take the next year and a half and run a campaign to save his legacy. Ultimately, I want to see a high school named after him and his face on the $3 bill.

He could easily save his presidency and more importantly, the Republican Party by talking to the nation. Every night when I turn on Special Report with Brit Hume, I want to hear about his stop in another state. When President Bush becomes the president that listens to the people, he will become the greatest threat to Democrats that the Republicans could have. The greatest aspect to this plan is that it allows the President to circumvent the media and their bias against him and go straight to the public.

With regard to the President’s domestic policies on the War on Terror, I look forward to the day that legislation such as the patriot act is not necessary. Furthermore, I hope that at that time we are able to understand that it is no longer necessary to the security of our nation. Until such time, I will support it, but do not let us lose the sight of what makes us American…our freedom.