Lars Larson on Day of Silence

Today, all across America, the homosexual community will use your tax dollars to push an agenda that most Americans disagree with.

In public schools today it’s called the Day of Silence and I’ve been hearing about it for weeks from parents. Of course, we’ve talked about this nonsense for years. I say nonsense because the public schools are usually good about stopping anything that disrupts from the educational mission. Yet, this Day of Silence, where students and occasionally teachers remain pointedly silent throughout the day, is being promoted in the public schools today.

The whole point of the Day of Silence is to disrupt, to draw attention to the alleged plight of homosexuals and their alleged voicelessness. Therein lies the irony. They are one of the most vocal political minorities in the country.

We don’t care what you do in the privacy of your bedrooms and we don’t think you deserve and rights, more or less, than the rest of us. We don’t appreciate your using our public schools as a sounding board.
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  • Jerry

    I wonder if the schools would support a day of silence to draw attention to the millions of aborted children in our country? Or to slain policeman? Or to wounded and killed soldiers?

  • pk2

    Day of silence. Kids being silent in class as protest. How would anyone know? You can’t talk in class anyways. Not thought out.

  • GetaClue

    Just because we’re vocal doesn’t mean we still aren’t legally treated as second class citizens, or terrorized by thousands of hate crimes, or kicked out of families for just being ourselves.

    Just the framing of my sexual orientation as being about what happens in the bedroom is insulting. I simply cannot tell people who I am when they ask if I’m dating without being judged, threatened, or looked down upon.

    If we had the same rights as the rest of you, and the same treatment as the rest of you, we would not have to be vocal.

    • Anonymous

      We don’t care about your sexual orientation.

      I do not run around telling people I’m hetersexual to get my way.

      I have good friends who are not hetersexual and they do not demand all the things so many do. They are intelligent enough not to trumpet to the world who or what they are.

      Just get on with your life, get off the pedestal you put yourself on, you are not any better than a non gay person.

    • Abraxia

      Uhhh…good sir/mam, we really don’t give a flying circus whether you’re gay or not. But when you try to use it to get services and benefits that others, like myself, do not get, then you’re stepping on things.

      Stop being greedy little red-crescent monkeys, and maybe you’ll be treated with respect. Don’t, and await the day when a Republican Governor revokes the marriage thing with the stroke of his Executive Order pen.

  • Hates Homos

    The only good homo is a DEAD HOMO!

  • bill money

    If anything there should be a day of silence for fat kids. I was once a fat kid and buddy, let me tell you, did we have it hard. You can not just keep your mouth shut and not be perveived as fat. You can not run from the beatings because of your weight. If you tried to run it would only be that much more embarrassing because after three steps you would fall, but only if 5 or more members of the opposite sex were present.

    I got nothing for the poor little transgender kids.

    I know what we *can* do though. Let’s have have a day of silence for the Christian kids. Its got to be an embarrassment to them to have waited around for the same guy to come back for years. In that case, you know, we should probably have a day of silence for the fatherless kids too. They have the same thing going on as the Christian kids. Let us not forget the Muslims, black kids, hispanic kids, wimpy kids, Jerry’s kids, and a seperate day of silence for all of the little white children called the “Day of Guilt.”

    Wow. The world really could be fair. “And I think to myself, what a wonderful world. ohhh yeaaahhh.”

    Or maybe a dad, for example, could sit his his son who appears to be a bit of a nancy and say, “Look son. I love you, and I understand that you are a homosexual and it is your decision. I can accept this. You must understand, however, that in this world men are still expected to be men. They should still be able to make a fist instead of crying out in fear. If you engage in weak behavior you may be perceived as weak. You may suffer at the hands of your class mates. You may continue to suffer late into your life. I love you and I will help you, but I can not change the world.”

    Maybe that was insensitive.

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