Lars Larson on Day of Silence

Today, all across America, the homosexual community will use your tax dollars to push an agenda that most Americans disagree with.

In public schools today it’s called the Day of Silence and I’ve been hearing about it for weeks from parents. Of course, we’ve talked about this nonsense for years. I say nonsense because the public schools are usually good about stopping anything that disrupts from the educational mission. Yet, this Day of Silence, where students and occasionally teachers remain pointedly silent throughout the day, is being promoted in the public schools today.

The whole point of the Day of Silence is to disrupt, to draw attention to the alleged plight of homosexuals and their alleged voicelessness. Therein lies the irony. They are one of the most vocal political minorities in the country.

We don’t care what you do in the privacy of your bedrooms and we don’t think you deserve and rights, more or less, than the rest of us. We don’t appreciate your using our public schools as a sounding board.
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