Macpherson Distorts Truth on Role with Sex Predators

Below is press release from Crime Victims United 4/29/08:
Macpherson Distorts Truth on Role with Sex Predators
Crime victims group says Greg Macpherson blocked
important legislation addressing sex predators

Crime Victims United, Oregon’s leading crime victims’ rights group, called on Lake Oswego legislator Greg Macpherson to stop distorting the truth about his record on protecting Oregon from sexual predators.

“Greg Macpherson has a record of inaction when it comes to protecting Oregonians,” said Steve Doell, president of Crime Victims United. “Macpherson, as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, blocked six important anti-sex predator bills from being heard in the 2007 legislative session.” The bills were HB 3001, HB 3002, HB 3003, HB 3004, HB 3005 and HB 3006.

The most notable bill Macpherson blocked was HB 3003, a bi-partisan bill that would have made it illegal for the state to fund and give Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs to convicted sex predators.
“Why Rep. Macpherson would permit using taxpayer dollars to give Viagra to sex offenders baffles me. It defies logic, safety and reason,” said Doell. “It’s like the state funding guns for convicted murderers – Macpherson’s actions make everyone less safe.”

In addition to the Viagra bill, Macpherson blocked bills that would have increased the state’s ability to monitor sex offenders, clarified and localized sex offender registries and codified important rules and procedures. Now, in an attempt to appear “tough on crime” Macpherson claims in a new ad he released Tuesday that he protected Oregon from “sex predators.”

Macpherson’s posturing seems to be a direct response to his opponent, John Kroger, who has the support of law enforcement and victims’ rights groups. Kroger is a law professor at Lewis & Clark law school and a former federal prosecutor. Like the current Attorney General, Hardy Myers, Kroger has said standing up for crime victims rights is an important role of the Attorney General. Crime Victims United has endorsed Kroger in the race to replace Myers.

“John Kroger came to Salem to testify on behalf of crime victims’ rights in front of Chairman Macpherson’s committee,” said Doell. “Greg cares so little he skipped that hearing entirely. There is only one attorney general candidate that cares about crime victims and that’s John Kroger.”

The hearings Macpherson skipped resulted in Ballot Measures 51 and 52, on voters’ ballots this spring.