Message to Obama – When You Lay with Dogs You Get Fleas

Or lose your party’s nomination for President of the United States.

With a friend like Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Barak Obama doesn’t need enemies — and the Clinton campaign would be down on their knees thanking God if there was a Christian in the bunch. For Hillary, this insane, egomaniacal con man / cult leader is the gift that just keeps on giving.
OK, so much for the clichés, but I just couldn’t resist.

Aside from being an anti-American racist, the good reverend is clearly a scoundrel of the first water. He is building himself a $1.6 million 10,000 square foot house with church funds where he will spend his “retirement.” What with Rev. Wright preaching that the government created the HIV virus to kill African-Americans, that the United States brought on the attacks of 9/11 and that the military are no better than terrorists he’ll have a lucrative speaking career on the college and lefty circuits.

The Obama campaign, indeed the candidate himself, must have been asking this guy to keep his trap shut for the last month, but like all self-serving egomaniacs, he just couldn’t help himself. Obama should have disavowed this nut immediately, but he displayed a quality the Reverend clearly has not — loyalty to a friend — and it’s going to cost him the nomination.

Ever since Obama overtook Hillary we’ve been wondering what dirt the wicked witch of the Senate and her army of private investigators would dig up on him, what surprise maneuver she’d pull. It just landed in her lap.
Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s latest charge may be the first true thing to come out of his mouth in years — that Obama distanced himself from Wright only because, as a politician, he had to, implying Obama secretly agreed with Wright’s views.

There’s just no way you can go to a guy’s church for twenty years, know him for twenty years and not know what he thinks. How much slack would we cut any public figure who went to a Christian Identity church for twenty years and claimed he didn’t share the views preached from the pulpit? How would we feel about that same public figure if he described the preacher as a “spiritual adviser?” He’d be called out for the liar he was.

Birds of a feather flock together (ok, not quite done with the clichés). People form peer groups based on shared values. Guys who like to fish hang out with other guys that like to fish. Guys who think the government created the HIV virus to kill African-Americans, that the United States brought on the attacks of 9/11 and that the military are no better than terrorists hang out with other guys who think the government created the HIV virus to kill African-Americans, that the United States brought on the attacks of 9/11 and that the military are no better than terrorists.

The DNC knows that this and other questionable affiliations (William Ayers, The New Black Panther Party, et al.) would be red meat for the Republicans and right wing 527’s. Howard Dean has said within the last couple of days that the nomination might not go to the candidate with the most delegates, but to the most electable candidate. Don’t take this as an offhand comment.

Hillary haters gear up because, to quote Sir Elton John “(this phrase violates the editorial policy of the Oregon Catalyst, but you all know the one I mean),” and she will be the Democrat’s nominee for President of the United States.

  • RinoWatch

    Or shall we say “Busted”….

  • Bob Clark

    Those elephants who did switch to donkey to vote in the Obama/Clinton race should probably vote for Obama. If Hilliary gets the nomination, she will earn the title come back “kid,” and will be very hard to beat in the general election. The wheels are coming off the Obama train. I view this as decent news because Obama is more a socialist than Clinton. She may also turn right if she were to get the nod. Hoping for disenfranchised demo voters. Let’s get some Ralph Nader going, too.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Look, bar some kind of miracle, Obama is pretty much out. Even if Wright is never mentioned again by the Democrats the Republicans would bring him up, and rightly so, if Obama were chosen as nominee.

    The real question is, what will Hill do now? I mean you have to believe that its going to be out there that her operatives are the ones who got the whole Wright ball of wax rolling. Hill knows as well as anyone else that the Democrats get 95% of the black vote, and if blacks are pissed off, about the first viable black candidate being taken out, you think they are going to be all excited to go vote for Hill? I don’t think so.

    So what’s a girl to do?


    Dean starts going wacko and runs around sounding like Charlton Heston, “end this……for the love of God super delegates….end this thing”

    Hill gets chosen and does some of her best Southern accent stuff ever on the stump. You know, the “I come to far” BS she pulled a few months back.

    Weird rumors abound, everyone knew the Republicans were more scared of BO than they were of Hill. Rush had his operation Chaos thing.

    Yeah, that’s it, those damn Republicans.

    Hill starts stumping, mad as hell that those Republicans are trying to steal yet another election. “They did it in 2000 in Florida, when they disenfranchised the poor, the elderly blacks and every other minority, they did it again in Ohio in 2004 and I’m here to tell you they aint gonna do it in 2008, my feet have come to far, nobody knows the troubles Ive seen!”

    Hill searches desperately for any black candidate for VP. Will it be Obama? Who knows? The only thing that is certain is that as much as Hill might be jumping for joy now, she knows there will be one hell of a fence to mend with black members of her party. You can bet she is working on that little action plan right now.

  • dean

    We can have an election about the Iraq war, the potential Iran war, the potential of losing Afganistan back to the Taliban, the bursting of the economy, health care, energy policy and other actual issues or we can have an election about Reverend’s Wright and Hagee and/or Bill’s past affairs and why Hillary stays with him and whether she is “likeable enough” and so forth. Its up to us.

    I hope the voters (right, left, and center) will not be so gullible again after the 8 year experience of a phony “regular guy” with a phony ranch and phony Texas accent they could “have a beer with” (even though he does not drink, has no cattle, was born rich and so forth) who in retrospect had little clue about governing the nation and was ignorant about the world.

    Every remaining major candidate: Senator’s Obama, McCain, and Clinton…have lots of less than fully washed laundry we can spend the next months sorting through. But whichever one is elected is going to spend the next 4-8 years either digging our hole deeper or starting to lead us out.

    God help us.

    • Crawdude

      He is being Howard Deaned, they just took longer than I thought. This is his Achilles heal because he didn’t condemn his friend early enough. He waited until his friend condemned him as a politician, now his condemnation looks more personnal than what he really believes.

      Black rascists are the same as any other rascist and birds of a feather flock together.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Its about judgment.

    “I will meet with any world leader, sure, Id meet with the president of Iran, sure Id meet with the president of Syria”

    And America turned and wondered “Does this guy have any judgment at all?”

    And then Wright, 20 years, Obama had no idea who he was with.

    And then America sighed, yes, thank God, a man who cant recognize a racist after 20 years will not be meeting with the president of Iran.

    And America moved on.

    • dean

      Right…and McCain’s “judgement:” invade Iraq and we will be welcomed with flowers, stay there until we “win,” Iranian Shiites are somehow supporting Sunni insurgents, so bomb bomb bomb Iran next, and “economy is not my strong point.” Oh…and then there is his friend and supporter the Reverend John Hagee, whom he sought out AFTER Hagee denounced Catholics and wrote a book saying God wants us to wage war against Iran. How deep can we make this hole?

      And Hillary’s “judgement” in supporting the Iraq invasion and staying married to Bill. Oh…and didn’t she muder some guy named Foster?

      You see where this all leads Rupert? Not to enlightenment, that’s for sure.

      I’d rather have Obama talking with Iran than McCain bombing them first, asking questions later. Didn’t Reagan “meet” with Gorbachev….and didn’t that eventually work out in our favor? What has “not meeting” with Syria, Iran, etc…gotten us to date?

      CD….of course he was going to get muddied. They all get muddied if they enter the ring. Its a messy business, they are all human, and they all have skeletons in their closets. I think he will recover, if for no other reason than there are enough other sinners out there to keep the media stone throwers very busy. Its just his turn for a while.

      • Anonymous

        Dude, go refill your bong and leave the sober thinkers alone.

      • cc

        It is about judgement.

        dean’s judgement that he can’t really defend Obama’s actions and inactions so he’d better hijack the thread and attack others. His highly moral judgement that one person’s bad behavior is excused by purported “evidence” of “potential” bad behavior by others. The same old distractions and diversions – nothing new here. Talking points from the DNC, MoveOn and DailyKos. The usual schizoid menu: generalizations and parsing, disingenuous conflations and selective memory loss, false camaraderie and name-calling, condemning tactics in others and then employing them himself. Straight out of the liberal handbook, complete with hypocrisy, elitism, paranoia and amorality. The closed-minded desperation shows through if one can bear to look long enough.

        My favorite part was his referring to “…the media stone throwers…” as if throwing stones weren’t one of his favorite pastimes. Of course first he’ll try to commiserate with us as if we’re all just misguided potential “buddies”.

        All that, and “muder” too.

        • dean

          No…my “judgement’ is that it is pointless to “defend” Senator Obama’s “actions and inactions” with respect to Reverend Wright, and equally pointless to defend Senator McCain with respect to Reverend John Hagee’s wierdness, and more than pointless to defend Hillary for Bill’s over active libido, when what is at stake nationally is far more important.

          Your problem with my stone throwing is that you are not used to encountering a liberal who fights back. Learn to duck. And I promise to not think of you as a “misguided potential buddy.” Perish that thought.

          Dude up above…I can’t find my darn bong. Forgot where I put it. Bummer.

          • Crawdude

            You can always make a nice steamroller with a toilet paper tube and some tin foil 😉

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, he can just borrow a little tinfoil from his hat.

        • Chris McMullen

          The Marxist’s idea of “fighting back” is the intellectual equivalent of a 3-year-old’s temper tantrum. No matter how much logic you try and teach him, he responds buy pathetic wailing and flailing.

          Once again, the Marxist fails to grasp that McCain didn’t attend Hagee’s church for 20 years and have a close personal relationship with him. The fact Obama made such poor choices (like riding Wright’s jock) DOES show a lack of judgement — something nobody wants in a President.

          For all McCain’s faults, he has taken on every issue thrown at him with actual policy, not some Marxist talking points constructed to win points with constituents.

          Obama’s approach is pretty much exactly the same tactic as the Dem’s in ’06. They lied and pandered to get elected. They’ve done nothing they promised they’d do. Expect the same from Barry.

          • dean

            Chris…is “Barry” meant in a negative way? I mean…if I refer to Senator McCain as “Johnny” does that diminish him?

            “The marxist.” I assume that means me? If I refer to you as “the fascist, does that even the score? Or maybe if I say “dirty fascist” you can respond with “sneaky lying marxist” and we can go from there. I can hardly wait.

            “Riding Wright’s jock?” Are you sinking into homophobia now? Obama is an angry black liberal elitist homosexual? Oh my. I wouldn’t vote for that!

            Yes…McCain has a long record of actual policy, as does Clinton. Obama is youngerm newer to politics, and has a shorter record, but it is there, as are his proposals. Let’s focus on those aspects of their careers and drop the character assasinations.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        Hmm, ok, so obviously you cant argue your Obama position, and are now trying to bring up anything else to deflect from your incredibly weak argument.

        No one is talking about McCain’s judgment, we are talking about Obama’s judgment. If you cant defend it, just say so.

        Trying to deflect is childish. My kids do it all the time. Defend your point, don’t try the debating tactics of a 8 year old.

  • John Fairplay

    A discussion of Obama’s legislative record – particularly if it’s limited to initiatives where he “brought people together to get things done” – will be exceedingly short. Obama is an empty suit – thank God Reverend Wright came along to wake people up and force them to take a real look at one of the least qualified individuals – in experience, in temperament or in philosophy – to ever run for President. Anyone who believes that having a President who dislikes the very nation he seeks to lead will produce a positive result is sadly misguided.

    • dean

      John…on what basis do you claim that Senator Obama “dislikes the very nation he seeks to lead?”

  • Rupert in Springfield

    From – GOP PAC

    To – Media coordinators, TV, State/Local

    Message content – Ad Synopsis

    Buy Date – Late October, local markets

    Black Screen/white text – Low ominous music, sentence punctuates with low bass note, voiceover in Baritone similar to PBS Frontline narration.

    narrator – “This man is the leader of a church”

    Fade up – Rev. Wright file footage – “God Damn America, White people invented AIDS, America is a terrorist nation”


    narrator – “And this man is the leader of Iran”

    Fade up – Iranian President file footage – “and when we have the bomb, WE SHALL WIPE THE STAIN OF ISRAEL FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH”


    narrator – “And this man wants to be leader of the United States”

    Fade up – B. Obama – “Sure, I would meet with any world leader, the President of Syria, the President of Iran, anyone”


    narrator – “It took twenty years for B. Obama to figure out what the first man was saying, can America afford to wait twenty years for him to figure out what the second man is saying?”

    • Crawdude

      Mega-burn, great post Rupert!

      • Chris McMullen

        I think our resident Marxist enjoys coming on this blog and getting slapped around.

        BTW, if anybody had any doubts what kind of moron Wright is, he had the temerity to call our Secretary of State “Conda-skeeza Rice.” If anyone didn’t know, a “skeeza” is slang for a whore. Can you imagine cheering for a Pastor who denigrates such a successful, talented, smart and beautiful woman as Dr. Rice? A person who fought her way out of racism and actually had parents (ironically, her father a Minister) who protected, nurtured and educated her? Reading Dr. Rice’s biography almost brings a tear to your eye how learned and motivated she is.

        The Marxist is so clueless…much like Barry Obama.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        Thanks Crawdude.

        • dean

          Rupert. 8 year old. Cute image. And Chris…back to the “Marxist” charge. So I’m an 8 year old Marxist. I feel so bad now. Please stop.

          Read this slowly for full effect. If one is to base one’s vote on the bad “judgements” of each of the candidates and base one’s voting decision on this point alone (i.e. pay no attention to present policy proposals or past good judgements,) then one would logically consider the past bad judgements of all of the candidates. One would not simply point to one example of bad judgement on the part of one candidate (that happens to be dominating the present news cycle) and use that to determine one’s vote. Unless one is being disingenuous, obstinate, or just plain intellectually limited (i.e. dumber than a bag of hammers).

          In this corner we have Senator Obama. He spent 20 years as a member of a church in which the charismatic pastor, a well educated, well respected man in his community known primarily for for good deed doing, occasionally spouted off political and social nonsense. Bad judgement? We report, you decide.

          In that corner we have Senator Clinton. She has remained married to a horn dog philanderer underminer, blew a golden opportunity to implement universal health care in the US (the last advanced industrial nation that lacks this,) made a really bad investment in cattle, and voted in favor of allowing President Bush to initiate the largest foreign policy disaster of a generation. Oh…and now she wants to shelve the 18 cent per gallon gas tax that pays for the places people drive on so that people can drive more, send more money to Saudi Arabia and Iran, and accelerate the wearing out our deteriorating pavement and bridges. Bad judgements? See above.

          And in the 3rd corner we have Senator McCain. A good man with a long record of bad judgements to draw on here. He was a member of the Keating 5, sponsored amnesty for undocumented workers against the grain of his party, was a major cheerleader for the foreign policy disaster mentioned above, recently sought and gained the endorsement of a bigoted right-wing nut of a pastor, and has advocated bombing Iran and remaining in Iraq until we “win,” regardless of cost in lives, maimings, and financial resources, and to this day can’t tell the difference between Shiites and Sunnis. And just to pile on here, he was the first to propose the 18 cent gas tax holiday as the solution to $4 a gallon gas. Bad judgements? I would say now and then at the least. Especially now.

          I can envision interesting 30 second commercials for each of these candidates, though in Senator McCain’s case it will be hard to squeeze in enough scary images in that time slot. But never mind. Let’s just talk about Reverend Wright. Enlightenment is just around the corner.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Yeah, you just run with that Dean.

    While for now, the Democratic partys nomination remains uncertain, one thing is for sure. If Obama gets it, you will be seeing the commercial I laid out playing in late October.

    You know it.

    I know it.

    And not only does Howard Dean know it, he is most assuradly now trying to figure out what the hell to do about it.

    Obama – Cant recognize a racist for 20 years.

    Hillary – 42% negatives.

    McCain – About as weak a candidate as Bush 2 ever was, whos party base hates him to the core, and this idiot has a chance?

    • dean

      Yes…your clever 30 second commercial, or some version of it will be played. But Wright may be old news by then. The American media attention span is not that long.

      McCain earned his chance through long public service, risk taking, hard work and persistence. He is the best hope your side has to stave off a repeat Democratic tsunami, so don’t knock him. If it was not for the war(s) and the need to move quickly with respect to health insurance and global warming, a McCain presidency with a Democratic Congress would not be a bad thing for the nation and world.

      He is clearly the most qualified of the 3 candidates to serve as president. Its just that his timing is bad, and President Bush (and McCain’s own overly extemporaneous words) will be hung around his aging neck as a very heavy anchor from September to November. Much heavier than the Reverend Wright will be for the young and spry Obama.

      Come to think of it, Bush will probably be hung around the neck of every Republican candidate for president for the next 30 years, ala McGovern and Carter for the Democrats, and formerly Hoover for your team. And unlike Carter, Bush has almost no way to redeem himself. He will be exiled to Crawford as Napoleon was to Saint Helena.

      You are right that the Republican “base” will not help him much, meaning he has to rely on independents, and they are not going to vote for an indefinite occupation of Iraq, no matter how good a case he makes nor what happens on the ground between now and November.