Press Release: Phyllis Thiemann running for House 52

State Representative Patti Smith says: “There is no better person to take my place and serve Oregon than Phyllis Thiemann. She knows district 52 and has been working tirelessly in the community for years. I wholeheartedly support her and ask you to do the same.”

My name is Phyllis Thiemann and I am running for House District 52 made up of the Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood. Although the beauty and grandeur of the district is equal to anyplace in Oregon, the region provides agricultural, economic and transportation challenges both unique to the area and reflective of the entire state.

I understand the critical need to balance urban and rural interest and I will work to do just that at the Legislature.

As a state, we’ve wisely opened our doors to visitors and welcomed them warmly. Too often though our government isn’t as hospitable to our own citizens, our own small businesses and our own agricultural communities.

Our land use system must support our diverse economy. It must support our nurseries, our orchards and our tourism.

State government must be a champion for the small businesses that support our economy, not a roadblock preventing success.

Public safety is a core service of government for both our citizens and our visitors. I will make sure our area gets 24 hour, 7-day-a-week law enforcement coverage. Hwy 26 and I-84 must be covered.

These are just a few of the areas I will focus on when in Salem. I look forward to working at the Legislature to keep our citizens’ concerns and this area’s challenges at the forefront of any legislation we undertake.

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Phyllis Thiemann
House District 52

The Sandy Post joins a growing list of people and organizations who have stepped forward to endorse Thiemann, including Oregon’s largest agriculture political group, AG-PAC; Associated Oregon Industries PAC; Oregon Restaurant PAC; Oregon Association of Loggers; Pete Fotheringham, publisher of the Gorge Guide; Carol York, former Hood River County Commissioner; Dolly Rassmussen, Rassmussen Farms; and Camille Hukari, orchardist and owner of The White House Tasting Room.