Questions arise on Rep. Merkley contribution reports

Here are some of the criticisms and questions being raised by Merkley’s latest contribution report.

– Merkley Raised $44,000 during the Special Legislative Session.

– Received 5,000 from the Humane PAC. Is that what the highly controversial and unnecessary dog fighting bill this year during special session was all about?

– The AIG PAC reported a check to Merkley and then a cancellation of the check. No mention on the Merkley report. I suppose Merkley is so business unfriendly that he turns away evens his business supporters.

– received 40,000 from the Council for a Livable Word Candidate Fund. It is a conduit PAC and Merkley should have to report all of the individuals that made up the donation as to protect against any person exceeding the contribution limits. Some speculated that this fund is a George Soros operation.