Sex Abuse Tipping the Scales of Justice

Things seem not to be quite on balance when you weigh in on the latest news about school abuse cases. On the one hand you have the string of teacher-on-child situations, and the teachers may simply get moved to another school district. Then you have child-on-child Patton M.S. butt swat situation and the school is facing a $250,000 lawsuit.

Begs a few questions. First, when should parents really get worked up? When some kid swats another kid on the butt or when teachers are found negligent of sexual abuse? Second, if a butt swatting is worth a quarter of a million, how much did the school districts pay in the undisclosed settlements among the 700 cases involving teachers? Last, why didn’t the legislature consider these numbers an “emergency” in special session?

  • Anonymous

    The report indicates there were over 200 cases of documented “inappropriate sexual misconduct” between a teacher and a child in a ten year period. Actually that may not sound like an “emergency” to the Democrat legislators, but let’s put it into perspective. That means, on average, there will be a child in Oregon every two weeks that will be going to school and facing a teacher’s “inappropriate sexual conduct” which by definition could mean being propositioned for sex, groped, have intercourse or nude photography taken by teachers who enjoy child porn on the internet, Tough to read. I agree. But, imagine the child that has to go through it. Bet they’d rather be reading about it than dealing with it. Time the legislators quit protecting union employees and start protecting the children in this state.