Ron Saxton not offering himself as AG write-in

People have contacted me stating that Ron Saxton, although deeply honored, is not interested in the write-in ballot campaignfor Attorney General.

A name would still be needed (one should check with the candidate first however).

  • Anon

    Maybe someone should ask Chairman Day?

    • R. A.

      Vance would certainly be qualified. Infinitely more so than Ron Saxton.

  • devietro

    Write-ins dont work especially not when most of the active political junkies vote as soon as they get the ballot and this idea come us AFTER ballots have been already sent out.

    Second of all, Vance is busy enough with the mess the ORP is in.

    Kevin Mannix should have run but decided to create a primary in CD5 instead.

  • Richard Brown

    Get hint when party resorts draft and writ ins’ it means we do not have a candidate. We should have had one groomed and ready to run starting in 2006. We Republicans need to start grooming future leaders less we be in the same situation 2010, 2012, 2014……