Can a Republican win a statewide election?

The answer may very well be “YES!”

Allen Alley, who is running against Ben Westlund for State Treasurer, just raised over $100K at his kick-off event. If the traditional early test of a viable candidate is his ability to raise money, Allen seems to have passed the test. Additionally, when you look behind the fundraising numbers, you’ll also find a number of prominent Democrats (like Ryan Deckert) who’ve known Allen over the years and know of his integrity as a business leader. So, in a state where Republican candidates need to attract a diverse base of support of independents and conservative Democrats to win statewide, Allen seems to be gathering the necessary broad coalition.

Stay tuned to this race.

And people interested in electing Republicans statewide shouldn’t sit on their wallets. Your support is critical to getting a message out in what has the potential to be a very competitive statewide race.