Mayor Drake misusing city tax dollars to benefit his re-election

Taxpayer Association faults Mayor Rob Drake for misusing tax funds that benefit his campaign.

On the same day that ballots arrived involving the Beaverton Mayor election, voters received two taxpayer paid multi-color information pieces from the City of Beaverton featuring full page publicity articles for Mayor Rob Drake.

Jason Williams, Beaverton resident and Director of the Taxpayer Association of Oregon stated “Distributing full color pictures and letters from the mayor in the middle of race at taxpayer expense amounts to taxpayer funded propaganda of the mayor’s race. Mayor Rob Drake needs to apologize for authorizing this abuse of taxpayer funds and work to reimburse the city for the mis-use of tax dollars. “

The Taxpayer Association is calling for four measures to be enacted:

1) The Rob Drake campaign to reimburse the city for the cost of the mailing or report the newsletter as an in-kind donation.
2) The City of Beaverton to cease and desist all information mailings during the election cycle
3) The City of Beaverton to terminate their “You City” newsletter program unless there is a compelling and essential public safety reason.
4) The City of Beaverton to disclose the cost of each mailing and a list of prior mailings including (a) dates they were distributed and target audience (b) residents, voters, businesses, etc..

The “Your City” newsletter, featured the front page picture of Mayor Bob drake and his full page letter. There is nothing in the newsletter that actually provides any news of service to the residents of Beaverton. The 2008 Beaverton Recycling Guide on page two features a full color photo and letter from Mayor Rob Drake.

Jason Williams further stated, “The City newsletter states it is a “˜special edition Spring’ mailing. There is absolutely no substance or news of any value in the mailing warranting a special edition or alert to citizens. The fact that the mailing arrived on the very day ballots arrived must mean “˜special edition’ means special “˜electioneering’ edition. The role of city government is not take people’s money and spend it on telling the same citizens how wonderful they are. Our tax dollars would be better served if it went towards fixing potholes, funding cops, reducing traffic and supporting our fire department.”

— This is a Taxpayer Association press release. 5/8/2008

  • RinoWatch

    Drake must think we are naive fools not to put this no-brainer, 2+2, together.

    David Wu does this on a routine basis.

    It’s time for little Napoleon to join his former lieutenant, Linda Adlard, in the ranks of the castoffs.

  • Jerry

    And people still vote for this dishonest sad little politician. He will not pay anything back – they never do! The city will stonewall – they always do, and more “newsletters” will come out.
    It is obvioius Drake doesn’t care what we think or he never would have done such a foolish and dishonest thing in the first place.

  • devietro

    Drake has been a shady guy for a long time, thats why I jumped on board with the Denny Doyle campaign as soon as I could.

    Thanks for the article.

  • pk2

    Counter-thought. When it looks obvious it will backfire on the candidate useing it. End thought.

  • Evan

    I would suggest that you bring up this issue during the comments period during the next City Council meeting. In my experience he is an expert in the art of public denial, but the facts are simply too coincidential for anyone to deny.

    Without Linda Adlard at his side who will support his un-truths!

  • Mike

    I think that the whole city of Beaverton is Full of Corupt People Cops included I guess the crap rises to the top ,He needs the money Before all the law suits use it up They curently are getting suid for a varitey of things

    The mayor of beaverton like the former cheif think they are above the law ……..

    • devietro

      Do you have any evidence for this?

    • Jason W.

      I highly disagree. I live in Beaverton and the Police service has served the community well. I reinforced this point of my faith in the City in the letter I sent to the City regarding this complaint.

      This issue is about Mayor Drake and making a big mistake at taxpayer expense. It is not worth a few votes to so spoil public trust and confidence in the City.

      Beaverton residents deserve better.

  • Anonymous

    Rob Drake is the Napolean of Beaverton. Tryannical and shameless in his allegiance to the Metro/TriMet planning regime that wastes countless millions cramming more into the same space without any consideration for the effects.

  • Jerry

    Nike I once thought I would annex
    but it got to be such a big, big mess
    So I lied and I lied and spent city dough
    to convince everyone what I didn’t know
    That really I had cheated and mislead all along
    But I had to sing a different song
    Nothing has changed, by the way
    as you can tell from my free mailing coming your way
    I spend and I lie and I cheat with free will
    Won’t you vote for me please? I’m such a shill.
    I’ll keep city government just like it be
    Full of dishonest people just like me!

  • Dave A.

    It’s clearly tiime for petty tyrant Drake to be kicked out of his “office for life” and into the real world where there are serious financial and personal consequences for actions like his.

  • Phoebe

    Drake has forgotten what it is like to be human where people have to live with standards. Drake is hurting the reputation of Beaverton one gross error at a time.

  • Scott

    Why aren’t any of you crying about the fact that Doyle voted identically with Drake on all Nike issues? Crying that Doyle got a DUI and it didn’t receive press coverage? Crying that Doyle was never strong enough to raise his voice until he had a Fortune 500 company running his campaign.