Oregonians: Recall the Taxing Spirit

Michigan residents have turned in enough signatures to force a recall vote on that state’s Speaker of the House. In fact, according to the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance, Speaker Andy Dillon ticked off so many people that 77 percent more signatures were turned in than were required to take the issue to the August ballot. Why the revolt? A tax increase. Frustrated Oregonians can learn something from my native state, whose revolutionary zeal in 1983 recalled two legislators from office — for a tax increase.

  • John Fairplay

    Oregonians do, from time-to-time, reach their breaking point. Good fiscal measures – Measures 5 and 47, the Kicker, “double majority,” Super Majority for tax increases in the Legislature, etc – are enacted when they do. Given that the fall ballot in Portland looks to have about $1 billion in new debt requests another breaking point could be near.

    • Crawdude

      I wish that were true! I’m not sure if the suburban areas of Portland have the amount of voters to override the downtown elitists yet. Someday day soon though, the votes get closer and closer each year.

      Eventually the neglected parts of this town (outside of downtown) will gain the upperhand. A step in the right direction is voting for Sho Donzono over Sam Adams.

  • Jerry

    Tax me, tax me, tax me big
    Cause politicians can’t get another gig
    Government just must grow and grow
    Taxes always go up, don’t you know?
    The rich must pay their fair share
    Don’t matter if it hurts the poor getting there

    We must always remember this simple thing
    Poiticians don’t create anything.

    Except perhaps misery for the comman man
    As they go about their damaging plan
    To take and take and then take some more
    To fill the larder and the store
    With ill-gotten gain which they will hoard
    And only spend when they get bored.

    Tax me, tax me, tax me good
    You know I would help if I could
    I guess I can, though, to be sure
    You gots my money for the cure.

    Keep on takin’ then, takin’ real fine.
    Only leave me with one thin dime
    I don’t need it – you really do.
    Tax me, tax me, tax me blue.