Mannix campaign unviels Erickson-abortion letter

Press release from Kevin Mannix campaign 5-12-08:


Salem — Kevin Mannix, candidate for Congress, released today an email from a woman who says Mike Erickson provided funds to a young woman and transported her to an abortion clinic where the young woman, whom Erickson impregnated, had an abortion. “It is unfortunate that I am the one who has to release this information to the public considering others have known for some time,” said Mannix.

“The email is verified and sheds light on the character of Mike Erickson who claims he is pro-life yet he paid for an abortion and left the woman at a clinic,” said Amy Langdon, campaign manager. “It is critical to share this woman’s story with the voters of CD 5 as they make the decision as to who will be the Republican nominee.”

A letter from Mannix and the email is being mailed to fifth congressional district Republican voters who have not yet returned their ballots. [see attached documents]



Mike Erickson, Pro-Life?? What about Tawnya??

When I first saw that there was a Mike Erickson for office, I thought to myself that there is no way that it is the same Mike Erickson. While watching a parade in Gladstone with my family this summer my suspicions were confirmed.

I was surprised to see that the Mike Erickson, who in 2000 was having wild parties involving cocaine use on his house boat, was running for office. I just thought to myself that he must be running Republican… I was fine with letting this go.

Why am I writing now???

I was outraged to received his campaign flyer arrive at my house with implications of pro-life / pro-family. Where were these ideals in the year 2000 when he drove my friend (whom he impregnated) to an abortion clinic in NE Portland, handed her some cash, and left her at the door. Where was he when I was holding her hand through the entire process as she cried for her lost child? Ten years his junior and already a single mom, she really felt like she had no choice in the matter without his support. How dare he think that he could get away with these hypocritical lies. I realize that hypocracy is a part of political campaigning, but my friend deserves more than this.

Again, I ask the question, what about Tawnya?….

Thank you,



From the Desk of
Kevin L. Mannix
May 12, 2008

Dear Paul,

Sometimes a leader has to step forward and take responsibility for delivering difficult news.

Recently, I have been presented with extremely disturbing information about my opponent, Mike Erickson, and the disrespectful way he treated a young woman.

This information is reflected in the verified email that is enclosed with this letter. The only alteration I have made to the email is to remove a last name and email address.

My campaign supporters have conferred with people involved in this story, and I am convinced that the story is real. The information was provided by others to the media, and I understand the media have carried out extensive investigations and have confirmed many of the details.

It is important that you, the voter, be aware of this situation. Rarely have I been confronted with such a difficult decision as to whether to proceed with something of this nature. But what is on the line here is the character of the person who will represent you in Congress.

Many people have suggested to me that I allow some “other party” to share this information with you so that I can stand by and watch the situation develop. I believe it is important for me to take personal responsibility for sharing this story.

In my twenty years of public service, I have been careful to work on behalf of the people and to be open about the issues which confront us. I cannot in good conscience allow this election to proceed without being open with you as to this sad situation which has been presented to me.


Kevin L. Mannix