Join Cascade for Exclusive Screening of “Flunked”

“Flunked: A Story of Failure, A Formula for Hope”

Tired of bad news? Join Cascade Policy Institute May 28 for an exclusive screening of the new film Flunked.

Results of national and international educational-aptitude tests from the past few years show that the average American student is unable to achieve high academic standards or compete with other students worldwide.

However, complaining about the problem is easy and produces little in the way of results, especially when many schools nationwide are truly “getting it right.” Flunked is the story of these successful schools and their founders, leaders and students who are breaking the mediocre mold by achieving great results in terms of college preparation, high test scores and graduating competent workers for tomorrow’s economy.

Flunked is a non-political look at the state of education in America and the evidence of its failure. But instead of wallowing in negativity, the purpose of the film is to exhibit those schools and educators nationwide who are succeeding in the midst of a failing system.

During the filming, the producers visited public schools, private schools, charter schools, homeschool families and virtual academies. They wanted to stress the fact that all of the above can be successful under proper circumstances, and that we need a combination of all to provide ample competition and differentiation among schools. After all, educational options should vary as much as our students. A one-size system does not fit all.

The focus of Flunked is the “heroes,” men and women from all walks of life”” parents, teachers, principals, business professionals””making a difference to students. These individuals have defied the odds, pressed the system and succeeded in seemingly impossible situations. Through it all, they have proven that solutions in education are available here and now, if only we will follow their examples.

The director of Cascade’s School Choice Project, Matt Wingard, appears briefly in the film.

Cascade Policy Institute will host the first Portland-area screening of Flunked on Wednesday, May 28, at 6 p.m. For venue information and to RSVP, please contact Nancy Wheaton at (503) 242-0900. The $25 cover charge includes a delicious Southwestern fajita buffet.

You can watch the trailer here.

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