Education Tax Credit Update: 100 Supporters and Counting

The Oregon Education Tax Credit Coalition has reached 100 supporters and counting!

The Oregon Education Tax Credit Coalition (ORED) advocates for The Rose Friedman Educational Opportunity Tax Credits.

ORED builds on the work of the School Choice Working Group which
supported House Bill 3010 in the last Oregon Legislative Session. Although
HB 3010 failed by one vote in the House Education Committee, the struggle
to give low-income students more educational options continues.

Education tax credits are already available in other states. Tens of thousands
of low-income students have already gained access to a high-quality education
due to these programs.


What are the Rose Friedman Educational Opportunity Tax Credits?

This legislation would create two tax credits:

1) The Oregon Family Education Tax Credit: A personal tax credit of
$1,000 (per child) for any educational expenses including tuition, school
supplies, tutoring, etc.

2) The Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit. A tax credit for donations
made to a tuition scholarship organization that gives scholarships to
low-income students, or students with disabilities.

Opportunity Scholarship Limits:
Up to $1,000 per Oregon taxpayer
($2,000 for married couples filing jointly).

Up to $10,000 for Oregon Businesses (The first $2,000 would be 100% deductible with the rest 75% deductible).

We need YOU to convince as many other Oregonians as you can to join the Coalition.


1) Get the Word Out: Introduce the ORED Tax Credit to your friends and family and convince them to join the coalition. We will need a large coalition to get this bill passed next year.

2) Help us Create a List of Businesses Supporting ORED: If you own a business, use the signup form on the website to let us know. We’ll be adding a list of business supporters to the website soon.


“¢ Ensure that our most vulnerable children in Oregon get the high-quality education they deserve;
“¢ Generate millions of NEW dollars for the education of Oregon’s children voluntarily contributed by Oregon corporations;
“¢ Help every family in Oregon that is spending money to educate our future citizens.

Join our growing list of supporters today and send a message to Salem that it’s time for real choice in education.

  • Jerry

    This is an excellent idea that should be supported by all.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    A tax credit for school amounts essentially to a voucher program in the end. We have been told repeatedly that the public hates vouchers and detests the slightest notion of having control of their children’s education invested in any body other than the teachers union. It will be interesting to see how widespread the shunning of this tax credit will be should the legislation pass.

    I do have one quibble with the write up however. It ends with the statement:

    “Help every family in Oregon that is spending money to educate our future citizens.”

    This legislation does nothing to help families who don’t have children and who don’t make the prescribed charitable contributions.

    Those who pay property taxes in Oregon, and who do not have children, still pay for the education of children through those taxes. Although I am not in this group, I really think it is a little outrageous how parents, who have children and the myriad of tax benefits that come with them, are somehow constantly portrayed as paying more for their children’s education than childless parents. Assuming the children attend public school, and most do, the exact opposite is true.

  • Sassy

    Another way to look at ORED for someone who does not have children, is that they are supporting something set up to invest in our nation’s future. Children are our future.

    People who have them understand how expensive they are to raise. Not to mention the emotional, and spiritual investment for the rest of their natural lives.

    As someone who has no kids, I would support this tax credit for those who do.