Contrast between Dozono and Adams increases

The difference between Sho Dozono and Sam Adams is more clear with every financial blunder Adams makes.

Last week was a perfect example of why this race matters. Sam Adams was stopped in his tracks from spending $5.5 million the city didn’t have for a Bike Bridge over I-405, a bike bridge Mayor Potter didn’t support because it wouldn’t add to bike safety. Although Adams seemed determined to push this project through, taxpayers opposed this waste and forced Sam to pull the project at the last minute.

This is just one of the many ways Sam Adams has wanted to squander tax money that should go to core services — Adams wants to spend $80 million on the Burnside Couch Couplet, at the same time he claims the city has no money for sidewalks and potholes unless taxpayers agree to a $460 million “street tax”.

Just last week, we learned that Sam Adams and the City Council were asleep at the wheel when they signed a $31 million computer software contract with a company that wasn’t staffed up to do the job. It’s going to cost taxpayers an additional $19.5 million to fix the mess.

Apparently, Adams and the folks at City Hall didn’t learn from their mistakes with the Water Bureau computer fiasco, the Tram cost overruns and PGE Park, to name just three fiscal debacles, all during Sam Adams’ watch over the past 15 years inside City Hall.