Fleas? What Fleas?

How wrong can a guy be? Not much more wrong than I was two weeks ago when I was sure the good Reverend Wright had killed Barak Obama’s chances at the Democratic nomination. In making my judgment call I ignored two basic facts:

  1. The Democrat base does not care about the morals, ethics or honesty of a candidate for public office unless that candidate is a Republican.
  2. A whole lot of people in the Democrat party apparatus really, really hate Hillary Clinton.

Sixteen years ago when Bill and Hillary Clinton were running as the “two-fer-one” ticket they survived Bill’s infidelities and sexual harassment, Hillary’s turning $1000 into $100,000 in the cattle futures market when a “friend” “invested’ on her behalf, both of their involvement in the Whitewater land scam and even Bill’s draft dodging and the exposure of his effort to simultaneously dodge the draft and to conceal the his draft dodging to maintain future political viability.

None of these things mattered a whit to his supporters. I watched in disbelief as this reprehensible pair won their party’s nomination.

Why I should have expected the rank and file Democrat party faithful to act with more regard for themselves, their vote, the office of the president and their country this time around escapes me. I guess I’m just an optimist. Don’t get me wrong, I still despise Hillary Clinton, but next to Barak Obama she’s Abraham Lincoln. Well”¦Chester Alan Arthur anyway.

My grandfather once told me not to step on people as I climbed up the ladder of success, as I might meet them on the way down. Hillary’s grandfather apparently never shared the same wisdom with her, or she may have just been too busy calling him a male chauvinist pig capitalist oppressor of the people to listen to him.

By all accounts, Hillary Clinton is a truly miserable human being. One of those people so dreadful to be around, so abusive, that only the opportunity for access to the rewards of power keeps people in her circle. Bill is said to be no Dale Carnegie himself. There are a lot of Democrat players with axes they’ve been secretly sharpening for sixteen years, and those axes are now being wielded in the form of super delegate votes.

Clearly, Hillary is the stronger candidate in a general election, but the opportunity to get revenge by crushing her is just too tempting for these folks to pass up. Hillary vs. McCain would be a close election, but even as inept as the McCain campaign appears to be, there is no way Obama can beat him.

Here’s hoping I’m not writing a mea culpa about that last paragraph in seven months.