Time for your prognostications

We are down to the wire. Only four more days until we find out if Oregon will put Obama over the top in his bid for the White House, if it is Merkley or Novick who will face Gordon Smith in November, whether Mannix or Erickson remain standing in CD 5, and if it will be Kate Brown or Rick Metsger who get the Democrat nod to be Secretary of Gerrymandering. But those races are all too much fun to talk about. The media has been covering them for weeks.

What about the races that they aren’t talking about? Let’s hear your thoughts.

Use this thread to make your prognostications and predictions on the following:

1.) Sam or Sho — runoff or does Sam start measuring for new drapes on Wednesday?
2.) Glad, Bunn or Wiedner (HD24) — who wins and does anyone break 40%?
3.) LaManna or Roberts — is the race for Clackamas County Sheriff heading to a runoff?
4.) Freeman or Fox — who wins and who has the most debt when they wake up on Wednesday?
5.) Wild card — make your bold prediction about a race we have not mentioned here.

Keep this one on topic. Stay focused and give us your picks!

  • Steve S.

    Sheriff Roberts is in the unique position of earning support from both sides of the aisle.




    There’s no race more clear than this.

    At the Clackamas County Sheriff’s office the current Sheriff, Craig Roberts, has managed to implement sweeping reforms resulting in enormous savings and increased service while at the same time gaining praise from deputies as being fair minded and deserving of their support.

    Sheriff Roberts has been a model and innovative leader who has set aside politics and party to create an efficient and effective county law enforcement agency.
    The result has been millions in savings with improvements in law enforcement at every level. Roberts is completely non political and runs the Sheriff’s office with the law abiding taxpayers’ interests front and center.

    The reforms and innovations Sheriff Roberts has championed during his career and tenure as Sheriff are many.

    Today’s Oregonian reports on the progress with one of them, the internet crimes task force Roberts initiated.
    The improvements are too many to list here but Roberts is saving taxpayer dollars while improving service.

    Robert’s opponent, Rick LaManna, has some voters falsely believing Roberts has reformed nothing, that a new jail is not needed, that crime is out of control and that Sheriff Roberts is spending too much. That would be the exact opposite of what has occurred and is happening.

    LaManna’s pitch for a “tent city” jail is without any understanding or consideration of the real jail needs as determined by the Grand Jury review and citizen committee. As with many other LaManna distortions this idea is simply a campaign stunt. Much like LaManna’s supposed county residency that consists of the millionaire LaManna renting a Gladstone basement from his campaign manager.

    Red, Blue or Independent Roberts has earned your support.

    For more interesting info check out
    The Clackamas County Peace Officer’s Association web-site

    LaManna earned Willammette Week’s “Rogue of the Week” https://wweek.com/editorial/3419/10688/
    And another story appeared in the Oregonian.
    The Man Behind the Lawn Sign

    Sheriff Roberts is an honest, hard-working family man who can be seen in his office all hours and all days of the week. He re-opened 84 closed jail beds and reduced early releases, created a regional internet crimes task force to track and arrest pedophiles, helped pass an operation levy to add resources, started the inter-agency street crimes task force that is having a remarkable impact on livability and has the county close to breaking ground on a jail almost twice the size of the current facility.

    Sheriff Roberts is a man of integrity and deserves everyone’s support.

    Visit https://www.co.clackamas.or.us/sheriff/ to see what’s happening at the Sheriff’s office and

    Craig’s election web site https://robertsforsheriff.org/ for more information. Check out his list of endorsements!

  • Crawdude

    Run-off for Portland Mayor, Adams just barely misses 50%.

  • Dave Lister

    Crawdude: ditto

  • Roger Veritas

    Obama has been spending more and winning less. His campaign began in Iowa caucus where the hardest question were largely unanswered.

    He was unknown. Now he only has a few question and a few weeks to go.

    So if you go to a rally ask him about Larry Sinclair.

    Ask Obama or his staff to respond to the allegations Larry Sinclair has been making.
    Ask him about ….
    Larry has claimed that Barack Obama’s drug practices are much more recent than he claims.
    Ask him about ….
    Larry has also subpoenaed Barack Obama, David Axelrod, and the campaign for phone records in connection with an execution-style murder of Donald Young.
    Ask him about ….
    § Donald Young was the choirmaster of Obama’s much maligned Trinity church.
    Ask him about ….
    § Donald Young had been in contact with Larry until his death.
    Ask him about ….
    It turns out that Donald was also gay.
    Ask him about ….
    Parties unknown executed Donald and several other members of Chicago’s gay community.

    Why is Larry doing this?


  • Coyote

    Sam will win but it will go to a run-off.

    Weidner wins by 10 points. The shocker may be that Bunn finishes third?

    Roberts (wild guess)

    Fox..OK I’m taking the wild card.

    But you forgot the other hot primary. Thieman v Lindland.

    Lindland by 15% or more.

  • Alan

    Adams has the momentem to take it all.

  • Roger Nyquist




    Fox…..Freiman will wake up Wednesday in substantial debt.

    Novick beats Merkley with an assist from Smith.

  • Anthony J.

    1) Adams leads, but it goes to a runoff.

    2) Weidner wins, barely attains 40%

    3) Roberts wins

    4) Fox wins, Freeman has more debt.

    5) Kroger beats Macpherson for Democratic Attorney General, a Republican candidate emerges.

  • Abraxia

    1. Adams 45, Dozono 35 – Goes to runoff

    2. Weidner 35, Glad 28, Bunn 26. Weidner then goes to take it all.

    3) Roberts. Hands down.

    4) Fox 47, Freeman 45

    5) Kroger beats MacPherson, Saxton emerges as R candidate.

    6) Erickson 51, Mannix 48. And Mannix’s little pet underlings end up with mud and crap on their faces.

  • Bo

    Abraxia, you did great predictions!

    Must be an insider.