Best of contested election results in one place

Barack Obama 58%
Hillary Clinton 41%

US Senate Democrat
Jeff Merkley 46%
Steve Novick 41%

Congress 5th District
Kurt Schrader 54%
Nancy Moran 20%
Mike Erickson 52%
Kevin Mannix 42%

Secretary of State
Kate Brown 51%
Rick Metsger 28%
Vickie Walker 18%

Portland Mayor
Sam Adams — 57%
Sho Dozono 33%

Attorney General
John Kroger 55%
Greg Macpherson 44%

House Races

17 (R)
Sherrie Sprenger 49%
Bruce Cuff 21%
Cliff Wooten 18%
Marc Lucca 13%

23 — (R)
Jim Thompson 61%
Craig Pope 39%

24- (R)
Jim Weidner 55%
Ed Glad 24%
Jim Bunn 21%

42 — (D)
Jules Koel-Bailey 41%
Regan Grey 30%
Teddy Keizer 27%
Gordon Hillsland 2%

52- (R)
Matt Lindland 57%
Phlyiss Theimann 43%

52 (D)
Suzanne VanOrman 82%
Steve Richkind 18%

60- (R)
Cliff Bentz 61%
Tim Smith 39%

Beaverton Mayor
Denny Doyle 54.5%
Rob Drake 42.5%

Portland Commissioner #1
(only top finalist featured)
Amanda Fritz 43.2%
Charles Lewis 12%

Portland Commissioner #2
(only top finalist featured)
Nick Fish 66%
Jim Middaugh 21.%

Circuit Court Judge #7
Andy Erwin 50%
Keith Rogers 48%

Multnomah Commissioner #1
(only top finalist featured)
Deborah Kafoury 87%

Multnomah Commissioner #3
(only top finalist featured)
Judy Shiprack 37%
Mike Delman 17%

Multnomah Commissioner #4
(only top finalist featured)
Carla Piluso 48%
Diane McKeel 28%

Eugene Mayor
Kitty Piercy 47.84%
Jim Torrey 48.37%

  • devietro

    For me the surprise of the night was the Erickson win over Mannix, I didnt project that one. With a little luck he can win in November as well.

    A second thing that should be noted is the conservatives that won in Wash Co. Namely Andy Erwin for Judge and Denny Doyle for Beaverton Mayor, this speaks well for our house candidates.

    • Crawdude

      Mannix may have done so much damage to Erickson, that he’s unelectable. Just this morning Mannix is refusing to give up and will not congratulate Erickson.

      All this is just showing what a useless human Mannix is. Hopefully this last butt kicking will be his swan song in Oregon politics.

      Yeah, Merkley will have to give up his seat, to run a race he can’t win! Maybe he and Mannix can leave the state and find employment elsewhere!

      • devietro

        The damage that Mannix did to Erickson is truly ONLY stuff that hurt him in the primary. The abortion letter may actually end up helping him by proving that he is not yet another super-religious conservative. He can spin the story right to show understanding if not agreement with a woman who was in a tough position. The real damage comes that since its a possible GOP pick up seat you know the national PACS and the DCCC will be dumping money and time into that race.

        • Gale

          Unfortunately, in Oregon today, holding moral positions that in the very recent past were considered mainstream now makes one “yet another super-religious conservative.” As our culture changes, even daily, more and more of us will find ourselves to be “yet another super-religious conservative.”

          According to the published accounts of this story, the mother of the child describes herself as continuing to be traumatized and devastated by the abortion, so “spinning” the story to “show understanding if not agreement with a woman who was in a tough position” would be a completely inappropriate and distasteful way of handling this tragedy.

  • John Fairplay

    Denny Doyle’s no conservative, but I was pleased to see change finally come to Beaverton. Kate Brown is the only far-left ideologue that won a contested Statewide race. In most other races, the more moderate liberal won – Merkley, Kroger. Adams will destroy whatever’s left of Portland, so that’s a positive. I’m really happy about Erwin – Republicans should look to defeat Trial Lawyers at every turn. Erickson’s going to feel like a house fell in on him in the General. We got the best possible opponent in the race for Minnis’ seat. All in all, not a bad night.

    • RinoWatch

      Regarding Kate Brown and the SOS race. Did Rick Dancer (Who) already concede?……

  • Steve

    You heard it here first.
    I predict Adams will not serve out his first term.
    Too many fiscal calamitites erupting all at the same time will usher this fiscal baffoon out of office. The writing on the wall may become apparent even before he takes office as Mayor.

    • devietro

      Your right, because up until this point Portland has been known for its efficiency and the state of its well managed budget. Frankly I say Portland deserves Sam Adams.

  • Alan

    I predicted last friday on Crystal Ball Catalyst that Adams would take it all, and he did. Now I want my prize.

    • BestyO

      Your prize is a crystal ball that says “duh”