Time to get behind Erickson

Mike Erickson beat Mannix by a healthy margin yesterday. This came off a very bruising election. The media is already trying to spin this worse than it is (see Koin TV).

Erickson has a good chance to beat Schrader in the fall. People who underestimate Erickson forget that his small campaign in 2006 gave Hooley a big surprise (for which Hooley only squeaked out a 54% win). Now the odds are better for an Erickson win because there is no incumbent.

From a taxpayer perspective, Erickson still goes into the general election with his pro-taxpayer credentials and winning issues. Unless Erickson is secretly behind the slaying of those Columbia River sea lions, there are good reasons to hope. Let us not forget that last fall both Obama and McCain were low in the polls and both were suffering from fundraising shortages. These two candidates took the long hard route to their primary victories.

I fully acknowledge that Senator Kurt Schrader will be a tough competitor. Schrader is a hard-working self-made grungy maverick who does his homework, but he is not invincible. Schrader has a marathon long voting record that does not jive with his district. Erickson is running against higher taxes versus an opponent who has a billion dollars worth of tax increase votes. Sounds clear to me.

Like the unrated New York Giants against the undefeated New England Patriots in this year’s Super Bowl there is a chance to pull off a long overdue underdog victory in Oregon. The momentum begins now. How we help Erickson early will help build speed and power for the fall.

  • devietro

    Right on, we all need to get behind Erickson right now and if Kevin Mannix does not lead the way in that effort his already unfavorable status will be hurt even more.

  • Anonymous

    Final numbers according to Secreatary of State’s website this morning are Erickson 48.38% to Mannix 46.03%. Really tightened up as the late ballots were counted.

  • Vetteman

    Hopefully, Mannix will be toast and the Republican Party will do well without him and his huge ego in future political races. Time to get some new blood in the party – especially since the Democrats are going to shoot themselves in the foot with their spending in a down economy this election cycle.
    Maybe it would be good to purge the party of the hard righties like Mannix and Shannon. It certainly wouldn’t hurt.

  • Douglas

    Healthy margin? Not is the least. Look, even Lars Larson knows that Erickson the baby killer is going to get smoked in November. Erikson is dishonest as they come. See for yourself

  • Douglas
  • OregonGirl

    Mannix can’t support Erickson. I understand that for people who are neutral on life issues Erickson’s situation rings hollow. However, if Mannix believes Tawyna’s story then he can’t support Erickson as a matter of conscience. When Mannix outed the story, he said it wasn’t just dirty politics. If Mannix had the gall, to now support Erickson, he would be proving that he’s played the worst kind of politics and he was just as sleazy as Erickson. Mannix appears to be standing by his conscience and by the woman impacted by Erickson’s ambivalence.

  • Pygmalian

    Mannix: “My opponent is a political sociopath!”

    CD 5 voters: “It takes one to know one.”

  • Jude

    The fact that Erickson dropped the girl off at the abortion clinic and gave her $300, which he now admits, shows that this guy is a fraud. Mannix, regardless of how you feel about him, did the right thing. For Mannix to not back Erickson shows at least some principle. Even Senator Smith won’t back him. The fact: Mike Erickson is an RINO abortionist period and liar.

    • Davis

      Even if it turns out that Mike did, indeed, know why Tawnya was visiting the Women’s Clinic where he took her at her request, why is he so much more a fraud now? What would that kind of reasoning do to the reputation of Bernard Nathanson, who not only performed abortions but headed up NARAL before he converted to the pro-life side. Seven years is a long enough time to come to one’s senses. I have no reason at this point to doubt the sincerity of his pro-life declaration.

  • Northside


  • Northsider


    Are you joking???

    There is no way I could support Erickson. I know for a fact he is lying about this. He is as big a lying hypocrite as you will find.

    I’m not a Mannix fan, but I could at least support him.

    Everything will come out well before the general and Mike will be a couple million poorer and not have a political future.

    Schrader will handily take CD-5.