Post-election full page Merkley ad

A full page ad appeared in the Oregonian on Thursday. It talks about Jeff Merkley winning the primary based on a private ballot system which is in odds with union plans to eliminate private ballot voting for union formation elections. It was from

See full ad below.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Id expect the Orwellian named “Employee Free Choice Act” to pass huge. I frankly believe we are in a period where people are withdrawn from the public sphere. The incessant overturning of various clear wills of the majority by activist courts, and in Oregon’s case, activist secretaries of state is a big part of this. The recent gay marriage issue ( an issue I support, though not through court activism ) in California is a prime example of this.

    Now we will have non secret ballots for union formation. Given the notorious violence of unions, from their early start up until the present, the Employee Free Choice Act is absolutely outrageous. Its passage will be a black mark in our history.

    The entire thing will be little noticed, people just want to feel good, issues don’t matter when your vote doesn’t count. Maybe that’s why vapid BO is ahead and the clearly more substantial, like her or not, Hillary is behind.

  • Silence Dogood

    The irony here is that Oregon’s Fraud-by-Mail is NOT a private or secret-ballot vote at all. In fact, the unions got rid of Election Day ballot-place voting in Oregon for that very reason – it is easier to manipulate the outcome when the vote is NOT by secret-ballot. Unions and Dems have made Washington State into a de-facto absentee by-mail vote and are making inroads in other states. These are Democrats in Name Only – DINOs!

    (For more on DINOs see:

    Union organizers do membership elections ALL THE TIME. They know all about this stuff.

    To balance the weight of sleazy union organizers, workers have had the right to federally-supervised, secret-ballot union recognition elections. It is true that Merkley removed that right for Oregon public sector workers and wants to remove it for everyone else, too.

    Local law enforcement everywhere has proven completely unwilling to police union organizers. That’s why the unions are trying to defang the NLRB and the Dept. of Labor watchdog.