Lars Larson on 12 dollar gas

Twelve dollar a gallon gasoline? That’s what somebody’s predicting.

Yesterday, on Capitol Hill, all the senators managed to have a dog and pony show. Dick Durbin up there demanding to know from the oil company executives, “How dare you charge us so much money for gasoline!”

The executives shot it right back to him. “You’re the folks who have been restricting our ability to drill for oil. You shouldn’t be breaking up the oil companies because, at a point like this, America has to compete with other countries for the oil supply.

They actually gave it back to him, saying you’ve got to make sure America can go after its own oil on its own soil and not complain so much about how much OPEC is producing. I was glad to see the executives up there. In some ways, I wish they would have given it back to Congress just a little bit harder than they did.

Fact is $12 a gallon gasoline may arrive and it’s the fault of those who have restricted America’s ability to dig and drill for oil and refine it on our own soil.
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