Governor Calls-up Session — Pres. Courtney & Saxton react

Governor Kulongoski has called the Legislature into Special Session on April 20th with school funding and the Human Services Dept. shortfall on the agenda. Senate President Peter Courtney issued a press release urging the Governor to add passing Jessica’s Law (tougher sentenceing for child molesters) to the agenda. Courtney’s move comes with critics who blame his office for killing the Jessica’s Law bill in the Senate last year, and maybe only reviving it to stem a heroic petition drive led by Steve Doell of Crime Victims United. Many say the Jessica’s Law has become a shocking embrassment for the Democrats. Also the highly charged payday loans issue has surfaced as a possible issue. (Hey why not a spending limit why you guys are at it.)

SAXTON STATEMENT below from his press release: “The special session the Governor called today should never have been necessary.

The Legislature and the Governor should have passed Jessica’s Law during the regular session last spring, and the DHS budget hole is the result of poor oversight and mismanagement that should have been addressed by the Governor years ago.

The only reason the Governor is calling a special session now is because he failed to provide leadership when it really mattered and Oregonians are paying too high a price for it.

Oregon’s challenges will not be solved with a special session. They require fundamentally changing the way Oregon’s state government operates, whether we’re talking about schools or DHS.” (end quote)

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  • Crazy

    The Senate Republicans had a press conference this afternoon and demanded that Jessica’s Law be addressed in the Special Session. They really lit up Courtney for his role in killing the bill during session. It is good to see that they (and Steve Doell) made Courtney feel the heat!

    Now we need to replace him in the fall. Visit:

    and find out how we can replace this idiot.

    • David

      If they are going to pass Jessica’s Law, then they’d better figure out how they are going to build some more prisons.

      Only an idiot could figure out, if you lock more people up, then you you have to increase the number of prisons.

      They don’t come cheap either…although I’m not sure exactly what the price tag is on one now a days.

  • George H. Forsman

    I believe that Oregon is in deep trouble. I say this as a native Oregonian of some 68 yrs. The Liberals have caused our demise. Perhaps it started with SB100 where the Libs took away our property rights to our farmlands and the Green Belt Law which took property riights form land owners, and the manay attempts to redesiignate what a naviavable water way is. These were just some of the takings without compensation that started the ball rolling.

    Now it’s the PERS program with anunrestrained teacher’s union that is litterally bankrupting the State. Their requests for money and mismanged resoursed with the cutting of the school year from 190 days of teching as it was when I went to school to less than 170 days to date with teachers teacing less than 157 days per year which is causing the huge budget deficiets. The City of Portland has showan all of us how the City grrew a mouse into a white elephant. By not having a project Mananger in cgarge. The tax payers are being screwed with no recourse.

    For the record, I am currenlt vacationing in FL. Here you see the difference in growth, planning, and schools. Here they expect to doiuble their population from 18 million to 32 million in 10 years; whereas Oregon is expected to increase their population in 25 years by a mere one million. Already they are planning hidhways, sewer and water systems. Land where I am in Avon Park/ Sebrin have lfarmland platted out in 5 acre lots with county road easments surrounding each 1/4,1/4 section or 40 acres. Compare that to Damascas which is in turmoil without a plan for anything which will take over 10 years to reconcile if ever.

    That is why as a Meas. 37 claimaint, that I will no longer invest in Oregon; but rather WA or FL. Oh I forgot to say, that I sould two of my houses in Oregon last year in a single day, purchased a 40 acre orange grove that has doubled in value in six months and produces more income per acre than anything in Oregon. This land was platted out some 20 years ago; there are no houses in these groves which could have been split up some 20 yrs ago. Reason why nothing has been down? The land has been more value to farming than bulding. Five years ago Orcahard ground was worth $8,000 whereas lots were worth $3,000 . Now lots are worth $50k and orchards are worth $40 k. That is why groves are going into house. And the boom in housing is caused by a lack of energy policy that should have bee addressed some 40 years ago. That is what caused BPA’s demise.


  • Personally … I think this is a political move by the governor to weaken St. Sen. Jason Atkinson’s chances. (The candidate that had the highest numbers when matchup against him in Ras Poll.) Hopefully, Atkinson will be able to get some recognition for all his leadership on Jessica’s law … But this news is clearly a disappointment to his campaign after the tremendous momentum that they had gained in the recent weeks.

    Hopefully I am wrong … hopefully Jason can pass Jessica’s law and excited the base.

    • Pete

      Hey Dylan, I doubt they will deal with anything other than giving money to schools and poor people. There seems to be no concensus on the other issues mentioned and they could spend a month fighting over a number of other issues, which would hurt all of them. I think the Speaker is to smart to let that happen.

  • I believe that this special session isn’t about Atkinson (though he could bounce it to his favor) but instead about free media for Kulongoski.

    Kulongoski will hide from his own primary race running into session. He will also work hard to carve specific issues (like schools, immigration, Jessica’s law, and other long ignored failures of his four years) into a last minute record that he will attempt to run on.

    We can take this gambit and shove it back into the Governor’s face. Make this special session a sign that he is no more capable than Kitzhaber was at reforming state government. Oregon is no more managable than when Kitz whined about it. Reform is needed and Kulongoski has proven that he is the status-quo candidate.

    Its a good election cycle to be running for Governor as a Republican in Oregon.

  • Dave A.

    Yes – A VERY GOOD TIME to DUMP ON KULONGOSKI! His record as a Governor is PATHETIC. Time to embarass him on the campaign trail at every possible opportunity – especially in front of his so-called “supporters”.

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