VP Sweepstakes Begins

With the horse race for the fall all but decided it is time to start guessing (and I do mean guessing) who McCain and Obama will pick as their running mates.

McCain is rumored to have met with several potential running mates last weekend. The MSM speculation includes six current or former Republican governors in Mitt Romney (MA), Mark Sanford (SC), Charlie Crist (FL), Bobby Jindal (LA), Tim Pawlenty (MN), and Mike Huckabee (AR).

What is your hope, dream, wish or speculation?

Crist is an interesting option from an electoral vote perspective. Huckabee and Romney bring constituencies from their own Presidential campaigns. Jindal shows great promise as a leader and standard-bearer for young conservatives. Sanford brings good southern credibility with the base. Pawlenty has shown he can win in a blue state.

Share with us your thoughts.

If the Democrats are of more interest to you, the folks over at Blue Oregon are having quite a discussion about who Obama will pick.