VP Sweepstakes Begins

With the horse race for the fall all but decided it is time to start guessing (and I do mean guessing) who McCain and Obama will pick as their running mates.

McCain is rumored to have met with several potential running mates last weekend. The MSM speculation includes six current or former Republican governors in Mitt Romney (MA), Mark Sanford (SC), Charlie Crist (FL), Bobby Jindal (LA), Tim Pawlenty (MN), and Mike Huckabee (AR).

What is your hope, dream, wish or speculation?

Crist is an interesting option from an electoral vote perspective. Huckabee and Romney bring constituencies from their own Presidential campaigns. Jindal shows great promise as a leader and standard-bearer for young conservatives. Sanford brings good southern credibility with the base. Pawlenty has shown he can win in a blue state.

Share with us your thoughts.

If the Democrats are of more interest to you, the folks over at Blue Oregon are having quite a discussion about who Obama will pick.

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  • devietro

    My list of prospecitves is a little different but overlaps enough

    Romney- My personal choice I think he will provide real conservatives into the race and he has proven leadership.

    Charlie Crist- A real option but almost no name ID

    Bobby Jindal- WAY too young huts McCains experience argument and also he is connected to a lot of shady deals in LA

    Mike Huckabee- not a leader, and will only attract the super Christians which is not the group we need leading the GOP now anyway.

    One option not on your list is Kay Bailey Hutchinson she has the advantage of being an experienced woman with strong conservative values. She only has one real scandle in her past and she was absolved of that.

  • Reece

    I would be ok with me if any of those guys were VP, I would volunteer for all of them. Although I would prefer Romney.

    I like that they are all Governors, it helps to add some important executive experience to the ticket.

    • Anonymous

      I would normally agree, except that Romney is not a positive person for the campaign. His nod would harm people.

      I think, if McCain was smart, he’d go with either of these three:

      Mark Sanford, Tim Pawlenty, or Sarah Palin.

      Now, why Sanford? Simple: Southern Conservatives that would energize the rest of the country would vote for McCain if Sanford was on board.

      Why Pawlenty? Simple: A VP who knows how to handle disasters and be able to show himself on a national front would energize everyone.

      Why Palin? Simple: She’s a pretty woman, which means you’d get women and horny men; You also would get someone who is willing to be an attack dog, as shown by her willingness to take on Bush’s government in order to get the Polar Bear off the ESA.

      One of those three would be great.

      • devietro

        Does name ID not matter to you?

        • Anonymous

          Regional Name ID is the only real thing I care about. Sanford will win southern voters. Pawlenty will turn Minnesota and other Rust Belt states red. Palin is nationally known, a woman, and an alternative if Hillary does not get the nod.

          Who would you put in? Mitt Romney? Expect McCain to lose if that happens.

      • Alan

        With Romney, he has strengths but he is not superman.

        This is not his time.

  • pk2

    If McCain wants to be a true independent his best choice is Senator Joe Lieberman. Choosing Joe is the ultimate act of non-partisanship, and the Senator is more closer to the divided America than most Republicans and Democrats.

    Lieberman may have publicallly stated that he will nto take it, but given the opportunity we all knwo he would take it.

    • devietro

      I have given this option some thoght since it has been talked about previously. Lieberman is in a unique position, where he is a democrat who simply is registered as an IND for the technical reasons. He still caucauses with the Democrats and such.

      If McCain were to go for a bi-partisan ticket he would push away the last few real conservatives he has supporting him.

      Already in this thread there is a lot of hatred against Romney and while I am sure most of this is just ignorant anti-LDS sentiments I urge you to give one thing some thought. All of the power players in the GOP ranging from RNC committeemen to Newt were strong Romney advocates during the primary and now are strong advocates for him as VP. Each time I hear the arguments against Romney my answer is the same, they are great reasons not to select him for Pope but terrible reasons not to elect him into public office.

  • Anonymous

    Tom Ridge will win Pennsylvania. Add that to the other states GWB won twice and McCain has an easy Electoral College victory.

    Pretty simple math, eh?

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