Lars Larson on College Debt; Save Us, Stupid Taxpayer!

I talked to a nice young lady who writes for an alternative weekly newspaper in Portland called Willamette Week. Beth Slovic wrote a piece in which she alleged that college costs too much money. It leaves students with degrees that don’t get them high paying jobs but they have a lot of payments to make on their student loans. They can’t afford it so, therefore, the rest of us should pay more taxes.

Well, I came back at her with a few thoughts. Number one, an awful lot of students take too long to finish college””five, six and seven years. They rack up a ton of debt because they live on credit the entire time. They don’t work a job like many of us have done.

I didn’t finish college, but I worked a job the whole time and it made sure that I could pay my bills and I had no college debt. A lot of college students get it done that way. The argument that the taxpayers should pay more is bankrupt. The taxpayers pay plenty. It’s time for young men and women to decide, “Is it worth the debt to get the job I’m going to get from this degree.” If not, don’t do it.

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