Does Oregon Struggle for Sovereignty?

Congress: Give us the option of keeping policy control, and our money, within our state borders. That’s the point of a recent Goldwater Institute report, and the reasons for doing so are applicable to Oregon and other states. “Arizona’s Struggle for Sovereignty: The Consequences of Federal Mandates“ notes, Arizona is swimming in federal money, about $8 billion in 2008. This brings with it a serious problem: The Grand Canyon State Legislature “has direct appropriation authority over only 25 percent of state spending.” Problem 2: federal programs start to take priority over those that are state-developed. Oregon is likely to be in a similar situation, even if the dollar amount and percentage is different.

Goldwater’s June 3 “Sovereignty” media release cites several recommendations by report author Benjamin Barr, JD, the aim of which are to “provide states with more budget and policymaking autonomy.” My favorite is an opt-out option and tax credit:

“While states can already opt out of program participation, they can’t opt out of tax payments for those programs; which helps explain the near 100 percent participation by every state in all federal programs. [Barr] recommends Congress remedy that by providing citizens and businesses of non-participating states a credit against their income taxes.”

Other recommendations include:

“¢ Amend the U.S. Constitution to prohibit federal mandates that require states to use non-federal funds to pay for them.

“¢ Create a “states’ veto” amendment to the U.S. Constitution, under which a majority or supermajority of state legislatures could vote to block unwanted federal mandates.

“¢ Expand the reach of and eliminate the use of procedural gimmicks to skirt the federal Unfunded Mandates Reform Act so that it is applied more robustly.

“¢ Opt out of No Child Left Behind; the federal government’s education program.

“¢ Seek judicial redress in three areas: reaffirming the U.S. Constitution’s promise of state sovereignty; revisiting the interpretation of the taxing and spending clause of the U.S. Constitution; and holding the federal government accountable by requiring it to follow set spending limits in statutes.

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  • Rodney R Stubbs

    Oregon lost its sovereignty in 2004 when every state agency endorsed and adopted Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Policies and Practices. These policies were the by product of the Commission for Sustainable Development and had its origins in the United Nations Environmental Program. Today Oregonians no longer set policy for anything. The policies we pursue follow the United Nations program and thwart the concept of sovereignty. This was done without firing a shot. asking Oregonians for their approval, and failed to measure the economic impact of such policies.

  • Alan

    Oregon civil war? We would out teh troops to soon from ourselves!

  • Joanne Rigutto

    Anytime anyone, be it person, government, or business, takes anything from a governement or intergovernment agency or body, be it money or cooperation, that thing always comes with strings.

    We as individuals loose some of our self determination when we take money from our local, state or federal government. Our cities, counties, etc. are subservient to the state government through cooperative agreements, memoranda of understanding, etc. and they receive something in way of compensation for signing on the dotted line. Our states are subservient to the federal government, have signed CAs, MOUs, etc. and receive money from the fed. Of course the fed ties a string to the money. So, in order to keep the money flowing the states jump through the fed’s hoops, at least most of the time. Even if, as in Oregon’s case regarding Real ID, they complain about it and try to pretend that they aren’t complying with the Fed’s requirements while they are actually jumping through the hoops anyway. The federal government enters into trade agreements, agreements and treaties with other nations and intergovernmental bodies like the UN, OIE, WTO, etc.. And then there’s the wonderful Security and Prosperity Partnership between the US, Canada and Mexico, which is going to make us all jump through a whole ‘nuther bunch of hoops.

    I personally am involved in fighting a bunch of hairbrained ag regulations affecting animal agriculture that came about by exactly the international trade agreements, etc. I reffered to, even though I don’t import or export live animals, animal products or anything else for that matter.

    We all started to loose our sovereignty a long, long time ago, if we ever really had it to begin with…..

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