Conservative union members speaking out

by NW Spotlight

Conservative union organization supports a national right-to-work law

Terry Bowman, founder of Union Conservatives and a UAW member, spoke before Congress yesterday. He’s been an assembly line worker at Ford Motor Co.’s Rawsonville, Michigan plant for 15 years. The Detroit News reported that Bowman told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that Congress should pass national “right to work” legislation and require new outside audits of union spending. “This would ensure that only those workers who agree with the political activities of their unions are paying for it, and those who, like myself, find the far-left political activities of their unions to be despicable, would not be forced, as a condition of employment, to financially support those activities,” he said.

Bowman was interviewed on Fox News today.

Union newsletter says Jesus supports Obamacare

In his testimony, Bowman reported “In our local [union] newsletter, called the Raw Facts, there was an article in there that said ‘Health Care Reform, what would Jesus do?’, and in this article it basically made Jesus appear as if, according to scripture, that he was number one a socialist, and number two that he would approve of the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare).”

On Monday Steve Buckstein of the Cascade Policy Institute made the case for why Oregon should join 23 other states in becoming a right-to-work state.

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  • Ardbeg

    Bowman’s interview wasn’t anti union it was anti how his union spends their (his) money.  He doesn’t agree, as a conservative, of how the union spends it’s money.  His argument for RTW is only at the end of the interview and only as a way to keep his union dollars out of the political process.  Citizens United says otherwise-corporations and unions can give unlimited money. I think Mr. Bowman is unfortunately fighting a losing battle.  Santorum has a sugar daddy (Foster Friess) who made 7B in 2010 and will write a check anytime Rick S needs it.  By the way, not worth 7B…. but MADE 7B.  Gingrich has his (sugar daddy) and Romney is his own SD. Corporations, unions, these uber-rich individuals with finances like we have never seen are buying the political process.  No matter your political leaning the amount of money special interests, and I would call all of the above “special interests”, should alarm the heck out of everyone. Democracy has a new definition-“bought and paid for”. Our Founding Fathers had varied views about the size and scope of a central government, but I think they collectively just rolled over in their graves.

  • guest
  • BossTweed

    without unions where would we be I ask you?

    • guest

      Governmentium unions are a keen threat to U.S.
      Take FDR’s word it.

      Fear Ye, fear Ye:

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