Frohnmayer steps down. What does this mean?

Open Question:

John Frohnmayer Withdraws From U.S. Senate Race ran the headline. Does this benefit Gordon Smith of Jeff Merkley more? Is this bad news for the new Independent Party or a sign of a rising star movement? Is there room for third party candidates? We report, you comment.

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  • devietro

    I got the impression he was drawing off Merkley voters so I guess this hurts Smith. But frankly I dont care, Smith is going to kick ass anyway.

  • Alan

    I think it creates a void for which both Jeff and Gordon can take.

    John was a good candidate for this new party. Too bad it did not last.

  • Richard Brown

    We always been a two party country. The problem is third parties have become a home for the disgruntled or the weak minded politician but never one of the principled person.

  • dean

    Winner take all systems are always 2 party. Third parties can get on the ballot, can get some votes, be spoilers, make a statement. Occasionally they can “win” a Governor or Senator” race (Jesse Ventura, Bernie Sanders). That’s the limit.

    The problem is…50 percent plus one means center-right or center-left win the prize. Not enough oxygen in between (Perot,) and going to either outer edge means….well…limiting one’s constituency to that ususally single issue edge (Green, Libertarian, Constitution, Nazi, Socialist Workers, etc….).

  • Dave Lister

    You know, up until now I have been critical of Republicans who have said they won’t vote for Smith. But with his crossing the line on the windfall profits tax I’ve had enough.

    I think I’m going to vote for Merkely. Maybe we can let the next Gordon Smith know he can’t crap in his own nest.

    If he’s going to vote with the dems anyway, what difference does it make?

  • RinoWatch

    Well now. As one who has said for years, No more Gordo, Deport Gordon Smith, and I will Never vote for him again, welcome Dave to RW’s side of the fence. You’ve discovered why RinoWatch has been so critical of Rino’s.

    I’ll undervote or overvote rather than actually mark the box for Gomer Merkley, but let’s not split hairs. Smith is done…..

  • Oregon Indepenent

    Go ask Eugene’s next mayor, Jim Torrey whether he thinks being an Independent hurts him or helps him. Of course there is room for a third party in a two party system. Thirty three out of 75 state legislative races are uncontested this year in Oregon.

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