Rep. Wingard: Tax relief to create 18,000 new jobs

Allow Working Families to Save and Spend More of Their Earnings
By State Representative Matt Wingard

HB 4097 would give lower- and middle-income Oregonians critical tax relief by doubling the two lower brackets and providing a $250-per-child tax credit.

As introduced, this bill would give back $927 to a family of four earning $35,000.
This tax relief would create $2.15 billion in personal income growth over five years, while costing $2.08 billion. Estimated Jobs Generated: 18,563

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  • Deadbeat

    don’t need it – don’t want it. Just quit taking the money in the first place and leave us alone.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    I’m generally pro tax relief but this is BS. I have two children. If you are having children you are using more services assuming you don’t send your progeny to private school.

    Why the hell should people get a tax break for using more services?

    Oh look at me, I have children… I get a tax break because I had kids….you decided to not have kids so you could work a night job while you tried to get your up an coming business off the ground so you get nothing? Kids kids kids….have em in 12th grade, drop out, go work at McDonald’s and you get EITC and some new little bauble Matt Wingard is dangling in front of you.

    Postpone kids because you actually want to graduate your crap high school, work through community college to get a mediocre graphic arts job and put off kids until you can move out of your lousy rental because you are financially responsible and you get nothing.  

    I would suggest a general tax break to everyone. Not more of the same old nonsense of using the tax code for social architecture. The person who is responsible and postpones having kids gets nothing from the tax code. Act like an idiot, have kids when you can’t support them, and through the EITC, you will likely get a tax refund bigger than what was withheld from you.

    How about a tax break for starting a business that might actually hire someone someday?

    How about a tax break for anyone working over 60 hours a week because they have two jobs and are trying to be financially stable before having kids?

    How about a tax break for a family that sent their kids to private school since they are using less services?

    No, we can’t have that. Start a business, you get hit with systems development charges because you are burdening the system. Work too much because you are trying to save up for a house or to start a business and you move into a higher tax bracket. Send your kids to private school? You get to pay the same as everyone else even though you are relieving the system.

    But have kids whenever the mood strikes you, regardless of financial stability and you will get tax break galore.

    Yes, Rupert eats children because he opposes offspring based tax breaks. Women and minorities hardest hit….yadda yadda.

    • valley person

       How about we start by making you pay the private market rate for electricity, like the poor slobs who only go to community colleges in the rest of the country have to do?

    • 3H

      Poor Rupert, you have to throw your own pity party.

  • Bob Clark

    Representative Wingard is pretty smart and we are very grateful for his efforts at expanding school choice (can we have more of this please & less of Kitzhaber’s educational power grab).  I don’t have a strong opinion about his tax proposal here.  I do think young people who are just starting out and earning rather meager starting salaries get kind of hosed by the state’s quickly ratcheting 9% tax rate.  But I also am aware these same young people can get pretty good tax deductions for educational expenses, and so there is kind of a good tax incentive for young folks to learn and possibly pick up new tradeable skills.

    I kind of like flat rates as they are simple to administer and don’t work against expanded work effort by middle and upper income entrepreneurs.  I guess this wouldn’t change under the Representative’s proposal, though.  I guess if anything a tax cut proposal, even this one, can be used as trade bait in the legislative process.

  • Larry

    It will help working families. A better tax bill would reduce the Oregon State income tax rate and business tax to stimulate job growth.

  • rk

    They get enough as it is, pretty soon they will be in control in salem!!!

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