Lars Larson on Pledge of Allegiance, but only if you are not offended

Now we’re kicking the Pledge of Allegiance out of classrooms in America because of a fear of offending Muslims.

It appears we are afraid of offending Muslims so we’ve decided to take the Pledge of Allegiance out of classrooms. It’s happening in Oregon where a principal has decided not to use the Pledge of Allegiance in a little graduation ceremony for fifth grade students.

Why? Because of a fear that because there are Muslim students in the classroom some of the Muslim families, the moms and dads or grandpas or grandmas might be offended by the Pledge of Allegiance. Because it says “under God”?

You know every other word it seems like the Muslims are saying Allahu Akbar or something like that. What’s wrong with saying “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance? It doesn’t make any sense to bar it from an elementary school classroom. And, what about the Christian students who are offended by taking that Pledge out simply because of those two words. That doesn’t make sense either.

We need the Pledge of Allegiance in America’s classrooms. Kids ought to learn what it means to pledge allegiance to their country.

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  • sybella

    I am so tired of the religion of no offence, I as an American am seriously offended. Non offence is correct in polite society, meaning be careful what you say. Common sense, throwing away your pride is not. I am offended because it attacks my pride. It’s past time for us to become adults. Truthfully, I think others would agree. that is the adults among us.

    How disgusting our country is being run by children.

  • Bo

    This is odd. I thought Muslims would be proud to say the Pledge. I have heard no complaints.

    • Anonymous

      complaints come from the idiots in charge

  • John Fairplay

    It would be interesting to trace how this decision was made. I would bet there has been either only one complaint or comment to the administration, or no complaints or comments. Never mind that the decision does (or should) offend every single Christian family at the school, as well as non-Christian families who love this country. It’s OK to offend them – they’re only the majority.

  • David

    As an American, I resent the implication that I must pronounce some allegiance to a huge, complex, sometimes freedom-loving, sometimes totalitarian government.

    Life is far more complicated that that.

    Tribalism needs to end, if war is to end. I will not pledge allegiance to anyone but myself.

    I did not ask to be born here, and the mere fact that I was is insufficient for me to pledge allegiance to anyone. I see good things in several different types of governments, including the US, and I see evil in several different types of governments, including the US.

    I will not hone to some stupid and feeble nationalistic line, ever.

    Nationalism, and with it jingoism, must end if the world is ever to know peace.

  • Alan

    David, you say you did not ask to be here?
    Well then leave. You may be surprised as the types of Pledges or forced requirements you encounter, like France outlawing a 35 hour plus work week. The Pledge is a good thing.

    • David

      Alan, I don’t have to leave. I am a free man and I have the right to live out my life in freedom. Leave me alone with your juvenile pledges and pathetic tribalism and and the pins on your lapels. And because it may be a little less worse someplace else is no reason to give up my freedom and liberty.

      I did not ask to be born a part of your disaster. I won’t buy into your petty nationalism and childish philosophies. Leave me alone.

      • snow

        That is going to come back and bite you. That kind of an attitude will be our undoing, as a nation, as a people, as a community.

        I’m sure though you’ll be around to take what it can give you. Never a giver, but always a taker. Definitely a loser

        • David

          You’d be surprised at little I “take” and how much I give.

          As far as I can tell, I don’t take anything.

          Why can’t you just leave us alone instead of insisting we recite some stupid pledge, as if coerced words mean anything. We don’t want your nationalism. We think it has been the chief cause of hundreds of millions of deaths in the last few hundred years. Who wants to be a part of that?

          • Anonymous

            you are

          • anon

            David says US Nationalism is responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths in the last few hundred years.

            Evidently he is a product of the public education system, post 1970.

            David: Get yourself a couple of history books printed before 1970 and educate yourself.

          • dean

            I think David’s remark was that “nationalism” has been responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths…not U.S. nationalism. Big difference betwixt these.

            I would add that tribalism and sectarianism have become the new nationalism, and are the prime causes of most current wars, though others think sectarianism has reared its head only because of resource depletion and over population (Sudan, Darfur, Nigeria, Timor, etc).

  • Jack D. Ripper

    David, Tim Mcveay was American to. I would love to catch you in a cross walk. Just got my new cell phone……….

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