Westlund Running Scared

It seems that Ben’s handlers are concerned about having their candidate on stage alone with Allen. I don’t blame them.”
— Eric Wareham, Alley Campaign Manager

So, after accepting Allen Alley’s challenge to a series of debates around the state, Ben Westlund is now insisting that the Constitution Party candidate be included. Why? Is it because he thinks the Constitution Party, which failed to field a candidate in the Treasurer’s race in 1996, “received 1% of the vote in 2000, and 3% in 2004, stands a legitimate chance of winning? Is it because he thinks audiences would benefit from a discussion about the constitutionality of the Federal Reserve or why taxes and fees levied in Oregon should be paid in pre-1965 U.S. coinage? Nope. Alley’s campaign manager had it right; Ben Westlund doesn’t want to be on stage alone with Alley. If he were, Alley would clearly come across as the more qualified candidate.

Oregon voters would benefit from a good series of debates that draws out the experience and policy platforms of the two main candidates who will likely garner at least 95% of the combined vote. Westlund, acting out of self-preservation, just wants to muddy the water.