Coffee Talk 2 – Today’s Philosophical Discussion

What is truth, and how can we know that it is not an illusion?

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  • Hanno503

    I do not believe we cannot confuse truth with fact. Truth is but a perception of reality that may very well change with individuals’ growth, experience or the passage of time. Truth is not a concrete thing, but neither is it an illusion, masquerading as something else.

    As Buddha once said, “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

    I’m not much in the habit of quoting Eastern philosophers and I remain ignorant of most of their material, but this seemed appropriate.

  • Truth: I exist.

    Proof: see how far trying to prove the opposite gets you.

  • “Truth is a property that some propositions have and some do not.” And I think Jeff … and Hanno both get at the heart of the issue. How do you judge the propositions? Is it subjective? Can a universal truth exist? Is the sky blue? Or on a more existential plan … do we exist?

    Are the propositions of an illusion always false? Ie … assume that Jeff is correct and that we exist now … we don’t always exist.(IE … when we’re dead or before we even born.) Is that an important criteria for establishing what is true? If I said … I am a conservative and then backed it up with current conservative statements. Is that the truth? Even if I wasn’t conservative in the past or in the future … am I a conservative?

  • Hanno503

    Heraclitus once said that you cannot step into the same river twice. Just because you say conservative things now, does not make you a conservative – nor would the idea that if you were not a conservative in the past or future mean that you could not currently be one. I suppose you could also say that your definition of a conservative may not equal mine – and that we would both be right, based on our own version of the truth. Truth is intensely subjective.

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