Local job creation needed in light of rising unemployment

Press release from Senator Ted Ferrioli:

Salem, OR — Oregon’s need for local, family wage jobs is even more urgent after the state’s unemployment rate grew for the third straight month. Oregon lost 3,700 jobs in May, and has maintained an unemployment rate significantly higher than the U.S. average for several years. Oregon’s unemployment rate now stands at 5.6 percent.

“Oregon needs a bold vision to create lasting jobs in local communities,” said Senator Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day). “The economy is sluggish at best and will continue to hold Oregon families back unless action is taken. New tools are needed to get our state back on the road to prosperity.”

Ferrioli and other members of the Republican caucus proposed a comprehensive tax relief and economic stimulus package in February’s special session. The package was designed to create jobs, give working families relief from unfair tax rates and demand more accountability from government. The proposal would give the average Oregon family an extra $408 every year and create 19,951 jobs.

“Oregon families need relief from rising gas and food costs,” said Ferrioli. “This proposal gives families some extra margin to help pay for healthcare and school programs, while making thousands of new jobs available in local communities. We can finally take a wrecking ball to our unemployment rate.”

The Working Family Tax Relief, Job Creation and Accountability Package will put more Oregonians into a lower tax bracket and provide the average working family with a 20% tax break. The tax relief puts $375 million back into the economy every year. It also restores fairness to the tax structure by taking low income earners out of the higher tax brackets. The proposal accomplishes these goals by doubling the size of Oregon’s 5%, 7% and 9% tax brackets, so Oregonians pay less tax on their personal income.

In spite of the rising costs of gas, food and other staples, Democrat leadership has been silent when it comes to creating jobs and helping families deal with skyrocketing expenses.

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  • Jerry

    But we already have a bold vision. We love dreamers!

  • Steve Plunk

    Does the Republican party want to help Oregon business? Then cut the burdensome regulations as well as taxes. Support the timber industry instead of turning your back on it. Give up on tourism as a replacement for timber harvest. Budget responsibly and set the proper priorities. Open up land for residential development and stimulate housing.

    The answers are there boys and girls so don’t go hire a high priced consultant to do a silly study. You know what to do.

  • sybella

    Whose kidding who? Just give them more unemploymen and the higher income people and business can pay for it. Duh!

    • dean

      Steve…have you seen the prices for timber lately? Douglas fir is at its lowest value point in about 18 years. How would cutting more of it help create employment when there is no market for it? This is like something the Soviets would have done. Increased production of an unwanted product.

  • Rick Hickey

    Fact: AZ. & OK. have enacted strict Employer verification laws of whether a worker is allowed to work in the U.S.

    Their un-employment rates have dropped big time since these laws went into effect AND wages are going up!

    Oregon instead opens a Day Labor site for Illegal, wage suppressing, non-taxpaying Illegal aliens. Hello?

    • capor

      AMEN Rick! Ferrioli and company needs to have the balls to fix the problems that are in their face instead of looking for more business to compete with those of us that can’t find adequate skilled labor in spite of an alledged 5.6% unemployment rate. Every time the unsustainable business in this state has a correction, and the excess labor that joined it needs a new direction, state leaders want a junket or a study to find a way to bring in new business instead of helping those of us that have been managing real Oregon business!

      • Jerry

        Tell me about it. These politicos are simply fools. They would not know how to run a business if their lives depended on it. They will not get more businesses here. Nothing they do ever works. What a sad, sad joke this guy is with his hair-brained schemes that will never work. I feel sad for people who are so patently clueless.

  • susan richards

    I have only found good jobs on a few sites lately:


    Lots of employers & recruiters are abandoning the “pay to post a job” model in favor of these free employment sites. So I dont see lots of jobs on the same sites that were popular 5 years ago.

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