House passes enterprise zone legislation

House Co-Speaker Bruce Hanna


(SALEM)—The Oregon House of Representatives yesterday passed House Bill 4093, which expands opportunities for locally approved “enterprise zones” throughout Oregon. Oregon’s enterprise zone program is currently at the maximum number of statutorily authorized zones; HB4093 adds the possibility of eight new zones to the program. In addition, the bill allows for current enterprise zones that have proven successful to be extended – at the local government’s discretion – from a 12-mile area to 15-miles.

“I believe the legislature has an obligation to provide Oregonians with solutions that enable them to create jobs – and we can do that through House Bill 4093,” said House Co-Speaker Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg) while carrying the bill on the House Floor, reiterating his comments before the House Revenue Committee earlier this month. “House Bill 4093 expands enterprise zone opportunities throughout Oregon. These zones have proven successful already, and this bill will allow an already successful program to grow.”

The Oregon Economic Development Association, League of Oregon Cities, and Association of Oregon Counties all testified in support of the bill before the House Revenue Committee earlier this month.

“I’m pleased the Oregon House has advanced this bill, and am hopeful the Senate can take it up before the legislature adjourns. House Bill 4093 is a small step forward in what needs to be a much bigger, much broader conversation about jobs – but it is a step worth taking,” said Hanna. “With perpetually high unemployment throughout Oregon, especially in rural communities, there is no reason we shouldn’t pass this bill. Giving local government greater opportunity to grow the economy is an easy decision.”

HB 4093 is part of the Oregon House Republicans’ “50,000 Jobs in 5 years” agenda for putting Oregonians back to work. It now heads to the Senate for consideration.