Blood out of a turnip

The Oregonian had a great piece on Thursday about the squeeze that we are all feeling these days. At the pump, at the market, at Starbucks, and even if you try to board a Tri-Met bus here soon.

As the article noted:

“Milk, coffee, fresh fruit and bread were among the items that got more expensive by an average of 0.9 percent in April, the largest one-month increase since 1990. Gasoline prices were up nearly 21 percent compared to a year ago.”

Simply put — inflation is squeezing us just about everywhere we turn.

But there are more than a few politicians who don’t get it. For some reason they think that the best way to help is to squeeze us some more. They think they can squeeze blood out of a turnip.

As you all know, House Majority Leader Dave Hunt has his mind on one thing — RAISING TAXES.

But in order to raise taxes Hunt needs quite a few more votes. Thanks to a provision place by Oregon voters in the state Constitution he will need a three-fifths majority to push through a tax increase.

So what is Hunt’s goal?

This is what The Oregonian had to say just over a month ago:

“We need a three-fifths majority in the Oregon Legislature to take us to the next level,” said Hunt. That, of course, is the majority you need to raise taxes. The Democratic machine can do a lot, but somehow I don’t think the Ds will be running on the slogan that voters should give them a tax-raising majority.

What do you think? Can you afford higher taxes right now?