Courtney moves to limit CHL holders’ rights

Courtney bill SB 1594 takes away rights of CHL holders to legally carry on school grounds/college campuses (CHL holders who have all passed an FBI background check)

by Kevin Starrett


We expect the Senate Rules Committee to pass a bill today by Senate President Peter Courtney banning guns on school property.

The bill, SB 1594, is a re-write of Sen. Ginny Burdick’s Senate Bill 1550. It was redrafted in order to bypass all the rules about bill deadlines.

The bill was introduced today, heard on the Senate Floor and referred to the Senate Rules Committee where we expect it to be passed to the Senate Floor as early as today.

We have been informed that several Republican Senators plan to cave and vote for the bill. Folks, we have been totally shafted this time by Courtney and Company.

Please call Peter Courtney’s office right away and express your outrage at this game of bait and switch.

To contact Sen. Peter Courtney:

CALL: 503-986-1600

EMAIL: [email protected]


[Editor’s Note] The NRA also has an update on this move by Sen. Peter Courtney: “Anti-Gun Sneak Attack”


UPDATE: Gun Bills Move Out Of Committee Late Tuesday

With barely an hour’s notice late Tuesday, the Senate Rules Committee passed two gun bills: HB 4045, which had been Rep. Kim Thatcher’s Concealed Handgun License holder’s privacy bill, and SB 1594, a bill by Senate President, Peter Courtney, and gun control advocate, Sen. Ginny Burdick, to outlaw CHL holder’s self-defense firearms on school property.

The CHL privacy bill, HB 4045, had the approval of the Oregon Sheriff’s and was passed out of the Senate Rules Committee.

SB 1594 was the last minute back stab by Senate President, Peter Courtney, at the request of Sen. Ginny Burdick.  This bill is essentially the same as her SB 1550 which would make it a Class C felony for anyone, including licensed CHL holders to carry self defense weapons on school property.

The bill was essentially recreated Tuesday morning and heard Tuesday afternoon with no opportunity for public input. The bill was passed out of committee on a party-line vote with Ginny Burdick, Dianne Rosenbaum and Lee Beyer, all Democrats, voting “yes” and Republicans Ted Ferrioli and Jason Atkinson voting “no.”

No public testimony was allowed on either of the gun bills heard Tuesday.

The bills now move to the Senate floor where it is unclear when they will be heard. It could be today (Wednesday) or Thursday.

Please contact your State Senator and encourage them to vote NO on SB 1594.