Tax-Day Gripe line

Government complaints by Jason Williams
– Last month I complained that it took nealry eight weeks for the Post Office to get new postcard stamps after their change date. Now four months later, I go back and they are out!
– The IRS has been proposing a measure to sell some of our private tax information to vendors. I find this facinating because people can’t seem to get an IRS person on the phone to talk about their taxes, but on the other hand the agency wants to dole out the same information to others
– The last time I called the Department of revenue with a question was last year. I got a message instead of a live person. Nobody has since returned my call.

Government complaints by Renee Kimball of
– You can be put in jail for buying or using medicines that keep you from getting sicker.
– There is a concerted effort to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens while releasing violent offenders due to lack of space.
– Children are taken away from parents ACCUSED of child abuse and give them to people CONVICTED of child abuse.
– The elected officials have never read the legislation they vote on and there are more non-elected officials than elected ones making the laws.
– The largest section of paid advertisement in the phone book is for attorneys. (Portland – Dentists=18 pages, Physicians=23 pages, Restaurants=26 pages, Automotive=32 pages, Attorneys=35 pages)
– Government claims to be protecting your rights by violating them.

Comments by Matt Wingard
POP QUIZ: Which is the fastest growing county in Oregon?
ANSWER: Clark County, Washington.
Call it “The Curse of the Certified Smart People”.

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