Oregon Sustainability Center pork project trying to pass Legislature

Oregon Sustainability Center Pork Project trying to pass Legislature
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

As Legislative tradition dictates, the end is usually the time for the awful “Christmas Tree bill”, so named for the ornaments of government waste and pork projects that get stuffed into a final bill. This time the $65 Million Eco-shrine, otherwise known as the Oregon Sustainability Center, is trying to get funding and squeezed through the Session before it closes. We wanted to remind everyone what the Oregon Sustainable Center is. The Oregon Sustainability Center costs as much as $65 million of public funds (bonds, property taxes, etc.) and exceeds 20% of the price of an average building its size. It includes 60,000 square feet of solar panels, a 200,000 gallon cistern bucket system to collect rain water, and a 200 foot underground geothermal well. Taxpayers will foot the bill by $240,000 if it fails to get the renters they need.  It represents a massive eco-shrine to wasting the people’s money.