Lars Larson on Oregon Land Use

Well, we can certainly see how land use is going to work in Oregon now.

Ballot Measure 49 passed with a majority of votes. It took away the property rights that Oregonians had given themselves, not once but twice in Measure 7 and 37.

Now we can see what is going to happen. Before Ballot Measure 49, the Ballot Measure 37 rights would have given a hundred thousand new home sites in Oregon. We need those home sites, especially outside the cities. But, under Ballot Measure 49 the land use experts now say that we will see 13,000 sites instead of 100,000.

That means it is going to be more expensive to buy home sites. There will be fewer of them. There will be fewer Oregonians who could work a job in rural parts of the state and afford to live in one of those homes. That means Oregon is going to become a more exclusive neighborhood.

That may be good for wealthy people. It’s not going to be good for Oregon’s average people. That’s what you voted for in Ballot Measure 49. I hope you like it.

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