Sky Really Falling at DMV

Oregonians must now prove they are real Oregonians (and real US citizens) to get a driver’s license. This is so unfair I can hardly contain myself. Let’s look at the facts.

1. Many people are here illegally. Does that mean they should not drive? Of course not.
2. It is very hard to find your passport or birth certificate. Very hard. Should someone not be able to drive just because they may have lost these silly documents? Of course not.
3. Some people don’t have a passport or a birth certificate to find. Should they be prevented from driving? Of course not.
4. Many people don’t know their social security number. It is long and very hard to remember. Does that mean they should not drive? Of course not.
5. Many people don’t have a social security number, don’t pay any taxes, and don’t report any earnings. Should they be denied access to our highways in a car of their own? Of course not.

It is clear to me that the governor and the legislature of Oregon have worked together to deny people their basic rights. I think everyone who can’t qualify under these new “guidelines” should sue the state for discrimination. Driving is a right — not to be denied.

Please help correct this wrong and vote out of office anyone who supported these most draconian licensing requirements. Who will be next? People wanting a locksmith’s license?

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  • Axman

    I respectfully disagree with your premise on the basis that our whole system was corrupted by years of Democrap occupation of the Marble Palace. What we Oregonians now face with DMV is the need to clean up their mess. As their leader stated, “….that is going to be very painful.”

    We face a lot of issues in America and proper identification is only one way that we are going to get to the bottom of this problem. Already thousands of Hamas, Hezbola, and Al Quida terrorists are within our border waiting for orders to strike our refineries, food supply, and our children at school.

    I would suggest you get your ID in order, oil up your guns, buy thousands of rounds of ammunition and be prepared to counter-attack, because our government is surely incapable of this kind of action.

    • devietro

      While I am the first to promote well oiled guns with lots of extra ammo, its clear that your over reacting. There is no evidence that there are large “sleeper cells” inside our borders. (Although little doubt that there are at least some)

  • capor

    “It is clear to me that the governor and the legislature of Oregon have worked together to deny people their basic rights.”

    Are you serious? Driving is not a right. Where do you live, Mexico? Break the law in the USA and learn how driving is not your right. Fail to prove citizenship, and prepare to be denied the PRIVELAGE of using Oregon hiways legally! Finally. The extremist libs including the sitting governor in this state did not correct this malady they created with illegal drivers licenses. Right minded citizens for justice did.
    You have to be pretty shallow to liken the privelage of holding a drivers license with that of a locksmith. I don’t think you have to a citizen to be a locksmith BTW.

  • Joey Link

    What is this, BlueOregon? This has to be a joke.

  • Steve Plunk

    For years the government has pounded into us the idea that driving is a “privilege” not a right. Yet in order to work, shop, travel, and do just about anything driving is required. That my friends makes it a right not a privilege. When something becomes a virtual necessity in order to be a productive member of society I believe the government should recognize it as a citizens right.

    Now I know there are some who will say they get along just fine without driving but the overwhelming majority of us need to drive. If we are going to speak of health care being a right, gay marriage being a right, and whatever else someone comes up being a right with then clearly driving is a right.

    It’s time to overcome the government brainwashing and recognize they have turned driving into a privilege for more control. They use it in the schools as punishment, they use it to collect child support, and they will soon use it for other purposes. The citizens should take back driving as an essential right.

    • capor

      Well Steve, I guess we can agree to disagree on the symmantics of “rights vs. privelages”. But lets agree that there has to be a format of safety and responsibility to operate a motor vehicle in this state. That means laws that govern our behavior when behind the wheel. Those laws prescribe who is or isn’t issued a license to operate a motor vehicle, the limits within which it is operated, and the penalties for failing to obey those laws. Just a little bit different than your scenario of the health care and gay marriage “rights”. BTW, those issues aren’t “rights” under the US or Oregon constitutions either.

      • Steve Plunk

        Capor, You are right that there should be minimal standards of safety and responsibility. By making driving a government granted privilege rather than a natural right of common behavior the government has usurped a power it is not entitled to.

        We can agree Oregonians have a right to work, a right to go out to dinner, a right to garden, yet these are not in the constitution either. The founders did not see a need to enumerate the most basic rights of citizens. The state has seen fit to control driving in the name of safety and a common good but it has gone on to abuse it’s authority.

        My local school district recently adopted a policy of suspending a students license to drive if they deem the student has sent an improper email or text message to another student. By treating driving as a privilege the students rights of due process are trampled.

        By reclaiming driving as a right we send a message to the state that it has no business meddling in the most basic aspects of our lives. The state can enforce laws and protect it’s citizens but it should not use it’s power in civil disputes bypassing due process or damaging a citizens ability to earn a living.

  • Anonymous

    I think everyone who can’t qualify under these new “guidelines” should lleave the State. Driving is for those can get a legitimate driver’s license.

    I think everyone who doesn’t get this should make sure they are registered Democrat. The party of stupid.

    • Crawdude

      I’m going to have to agree with anon. While it may be a pain, its necessary. If the Federal government enforce our borders and our local / state governments turned illegals over to the Feds. , this would not be needed. Unfortunately it is 🙁

      The DMV offices are reporting between 20 and 40% drops in business, due mostly to illegals no longer coming in. While a hassle for us citizens, I’ll take that over illegals getting legal documents any day.

  • Jeff

    Boy, can’t get any satire or sarcasm past you guys, can we….

  • Tim Lyman

    Now if only such forms of proof of identity and legal residency were required to register to vote.

  • Anonymous

    Just imagine all of those responsible illegal aliens who have been paying for insurance all along but only now are cancelling their auto insurance because they can’t get or renew their licenses. Ha ha ha.

    How stupid was that?

    Side question. Is there there anyone in the State ‘stupider’ that Ted Kulongoski?

    We need a thread on that along to collect the many examples of that idiot governor’s stupidity.

    This State is so screwed by the stupid.

    • dean

      Answer…yes. You win the prize. “Stupider?”

      Let’s see…the Governor was raised as an orphan, served in the marines (they have pretty high standards,) put himself through college and law school, ran his own law business, served as a state legislator, served as attorney general, served on teh Oregon Supreme Court, and was elected 2 terms as governor.

      He must be really stupid, yet seems to trip forward a lot.

  • Rick Hickey

    Great post Jerry!

    Why am I almost the only one that gets it?

    To add to it…

    Why in the heck do Doctors need a license also? Anyone with a steady knife and accurate cutting skills should be qualified, like those Chef’s on TV. “Cancer? F-that you wimp I’ll cut that right out and you’ll be whipping up some mayonaisse in no time wanker.”

    • Bob H

      The reason people do not “get it” is that satire is difficult to communicate in writing. Unfortunately the views Jerry wrote sound much like the arguments that many are making, so without knowing Jerry it would be easy enough to believe he is actually espousing these views.

      – Bob

      • Jerry

        Thanks for the compliment, Bob. It is more difficult to write satire, but I am up to the challenge. This all reminds me of Jonathon Swift and his modest proposal. No matter how outlandish I write, there are people who will simply love it and say, “right on, right on!”.

        I sometimes feel, though, that I am generating more interest by writing these posts in total and complete satire and the exact opposite, of course, in what I believe.

        It is also more fun, I might add.

        Again, thanks for the compliment. Much appreciated.

        • capor

          Yeah I got it too after I posted a reply, but I won’t likely take your posts seriously in the future. I hope others that want to have a serious debate over real issues will give your posts the same consideration in the future as well. Good luck with your satirical approach.

          • Jerry

            You should take them seriously in the future as I don’t always take the satirical approach. In fact, out of a dozen articles I have only done this a couple times.
            And to think, it is not even April….

          • Crawdude

            Thanks Jerry………………… I feel stupid ( I know, go with the feeling). I’m going to go to my corner and play with my blocks for a while 🙁

            I did think that sounded like some weird arguments for “you” to be making, lol!

          • Rupert in Springfield

            It took me a while but I think maybe I finally get it with you and the bicycle thing Jerry.

            I now think, hopefully correctly, that in the past your “how about tax breaks for bicycles?” comment about most transportation issues, was sarcasm.

            I’m sorry if I missed that in the past. Your last few posts/articles have made me wonder if perhaps your bicycle tax plan was in jest now that your writing style is more clear to me.

            Living in Springfield, known by Eugeneans as”the forbidden zone”, I tend to take anything that lauds money, accolades, tax benefits, halos and the like on bicycle riders as being in earnest. My mistake.

  • Jerry

    You got me pegged now on the bike thing, yes. Sorry for any possible consternation it might have caused.

    Of course, I would be much more in favor of tax breaks for bike riders if they were required by the state to have a bike rider’s license AND if they had to show proof of citizenship to get the license AND if they had to pay more for the license than car owners because they are not paying any gas tax so are not paying their fair share.

    Then it would all make sense.

  • Ellen Sopa

    Jerry, I enjoyed your satire very much! Keep it up! Of course you may have to lay it on a little thicker next time! You could also include how it doesn’t matter if you drive without a license because nothing will happen to you anyhow, even if you kill a pedestrian in downtown Salem who had the right of way! It’s ridiculous how meaningless our rules of the road are anyhow for those who regularly break the law & don’t pay their fines. In addition to the new citizenship requirements, you shouldn’t be allowed to drive if you can’t read English. Construction and emergency road signs do not use symbols and cannot be understood unless someone knows English. SWDYT? (So what do you think?)

  • Jerry

    Thanks for the compliments. I agree with you completely on the ability to read English as a necessary requirement to drive.

    However, as you point out, who really needs a license in Oregon?? Or insurance. Apparently, all you need to drive in Oregon is a car.

  • Donald

    It’s truly amazing how some people trumpet stupidity as though it were a virtue. Driving is not a right-check your DMV documents. I suppose you think Illegal aliens should get free health care too. Thats a right also correct? People like you always change their mind when a loved one gets killed by one of those folks that don’t have insurance. Eugene is full of dweebs like you which makes me so glad I’m in Springfield.

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