Sky Really Falling at DMV

Oregonians must now prove they are real Oregonians (and real US citizens) to get a driver’s license. This is so unfair I can hardly contain myself. Let’s look at the facts.

1. Many people are here illegally. Does that mean they should not drive? Of course not.
2. It is very hard to find your passport or birth certificate. Very hard. Should someone not be able to drive just because they may have lost these silly documents? Of course not.
3. Some people don’t have a passport or a birth certificate to find. Should they be prevented from driving? Of course not.
4. Many people don’t know their social security number. It is long and very hard to remember. Does that mean they should not drive? Of course not.
5. Many people don’t have a social security number, don’t pay any taxes, and don’t report any earnings. Should they be denied access to our highways in a car of their own? Of course not.

It is clear to me that the governor and the legislature of Oregon have worked together to deny people their basic rights. I think everyone who can’t qualify under these new “guidelines” should sue the state for discrimination. Driving is a right — not to be denied.

Please help correct this wrong and vote out of office anyone who supported these most draconian licensing requirements. Who will be next? People wanting a locksmith’s license?