Let us settle the Global Warming debate once and for all. Tonight at 6:00pm

“The High Price of Hot Air!” by Hon. Jeff Kropf
Wed., July 2nd, 6:00 pm, PDX Airport Shilo Inn, Executive Club Meeting

Global Warming alarmists have introduced legislation both in Congress and in the state legislature to “solve” climate change. This will cost Oregon over 100,000 jobs, millions of dollars in economic growth and increase even further the cost of gasoline and other forms of energy for all Oregonians! Jeff Kropf, a former State Representative, KUIK 1360 radio host, and a great friend of the Executive Club, comes to us as the new Oregon Director of Americans for Prosperity. He will relate how they will fight the job-killing impulses of those ignorant, politically correct politicians. Jeff will also outline plans for his July 26th, “Defending the American Dream Summit” which will be held here at the same Shilo Inn.