Where Oregon fits on the new politcal map

Jeff Mapes of The Oregonian highlighted the map by professor Andrew Gelman who interviewed mass voters before the 200 election and charting their results on a graph. As expected, Oregon is very out there.

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  • dean

    Out where?

    • dian

      minus on he social scale and minus on the economic scale. Don’t you know how to read a graph?

      • dean

        Minus what? We seem to have good company, I would rather be clustered with Mass, Vermont, Ct., New Hampshire, etc than with Louisiana, Okalahoma,Mississippi, etc…

        Are you suggesting that this chart means Oregon is behind Mississippi in economics? If so, by what measure? Certainly not per capita income. Certainly not by educational achievement.

      • dian

        you know if you keep sticking your head in the sand you’ll get sand up your nose

  • Jerry

    The chart nicely clusters high tax states. Note where we are. You can say you wish to be company to them, but they are all having trouble with their economies.
    Yes, you should want to be cluseterd with places like MS and AR. They are doing better than Oregon in attracting new business.
    Much better.
    If you want to be clustered with these socialist states with high unemployment and high taxes and high business loss, then why not just move there? Don’t wish that on others.
    Keep the old head in the sand. There is no way AR or MO could possibly be as great as Oregon, right? Anyone recall the national rankings in education? Oregon grabbed 49th – AR was 8th!
    Facts have such a way of disturbing our old, worn out notions.

    • dean

      Jerry…I don’t have to “move there” because by your definition Oregon is already there with the states I like better than the states you like better. So I guess I will return the favor, though I would miss you dearly. Why aren’t you packing up for the deep south?

      By the way…Reed Construction Data ranks states by economic performance. Massachusetts ranks 7th, New York 8th, Maryland 9th, Connecticut 10th, Oregon 26th. Arkansas ranked 45th, Louisiana 47th, Missouri 28th, Idaho 48th, and Mississippi 33rd. Go rebels! Go deep south! Go Jerry! Go Jerry go! Write when you find work!


  • Jerry

    June 20, 2008 report from Bureau of Labor and Statistics:

    The largest over-the-month decreases in employment (nonfarm)
    occurred in California (-10,900), Florida (-6,000), North Carolina
    (-3,800), Oregon (-3,700), and South Carolina (-3,100).

    Over the year, nonfarm employment increased in 35 states and the District of Columbia, decreased in 14 states, and was unchanged in 1 state (Vermont). The largest over-the-year percentage increases in employment occurred in Wyoming (+2.8 per-cent), Texas (+2.3 percent), Louisiana, New Hampshire, and Utah (+1.6 percent each), and Colorado, the District of Columbia, and Montana (+1.5
    percent each).

    • dean

      Jerry…relevance of your data?

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