Secretary of State seven year error forces GOP candidate to withdraw

[Jeff Duyck for House Press Release]
Serious Election Blunder by Secretary of State and Washington County Clerk forces Jeff Duyck to Withdraw as Oregon House Candidate

Seven-Year Error Found After Elections Officials Certify Duyck’s Nomination

Forest Grove, Or. — For seven years Washington County Elections, using data from the Secretary of State’s office, has listed Jeff Duyck as a resident of House District 29. For seven years, Washington County Elections has sent Duyck official ballots for House District 29 and he voted as a resident of that district. When Duyck filed to run for office earlier this year and listed his address, Washington County Elections qualified him to run in HD-29. Finally in June, after the Primary Election, Washington County Elections certified his nomination as the Republican candidate in HD-29.
After months of hard work, significant community support and thousands of dollars raised, Washington County Elections is now essentially saying “Whoops! Sorry, you can’t run.”
“This is a serious mistake, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly,” said Duyck. “My family has lived in this area for three generations, and this was my opportunity to give back. The chance to serve my friends and neighbors has been taken away from me. ”

As recently as June 26, 2008, a call placed to the Washington County Elections still verified that their records listed Duyck as a resident of HD-29. Additionally, the State’s “Find Your Legislator” function on the Legislative website also returned notice that Duyck was a resident of HD-29.

“This is an egregious error,” said House Republican Leader Bruce Hanna. “Jeff Duyck and his supporters trusted the County and the State and that trust was violated. What more could Jeff have done? He checked his residency with the County, with the State and through the Legislature’s ‘Find You Legislator’ search. Perhaps most troubling, he was qualified by the Secretary of State to run and then his Primary victory was recently certified by that office as well. The residents of District 29 are the real victims in this situation; they no longer have the opportunity to send Jeff Duyck to Salem on their behalf.”

Jeff Duyck is reviewing all his options and will keep both his supporters and the media up to date.

Background: Duyck is a former farmer and former owner of Dutch Country Mercantile and Pacific Harvest Supply. Duyck is a long time member of the Forest Grove Chamber, the Corneilus Chamber (past president) and the Forest Grove Rotary. He grew up attending Forest Gove schools and has sent his own children through the same.

Shawn Swearingen, Campaign Manager (Cell) 503-779-7936

  • Jeff

    So where does he live? Patagonia?

  • devietro

    This is NUTS, I think the State needs to find a way to fix this quickly.

  • RinoWatch

    Sinister to only figure this out now but nothing surprises when it comes to current SOS.
    125 ft from the property line…if this had happened to a democrat Bradbury would fix it in a heartbeat.
    This is what happens with a derelict SOS and county, in this case Washington County Elections.

  • RinoWatch

    OK…Check out the solution to this mess at RinoWatch….

  • BetsyO

    Um, ok, actually, Duyck and Republicans error forced him to withdraw. But hey, sorry to actually ask them to follow the law.

    Filing to run in a district outside of the one you live in is illegal.

    You can blame your own errors on somebody else, but dude, look at a district map before you file. Sheesh.

    • RinoWatch

      You might consider sending a copy of your statement to Bradbury since he doesn’t seem to be able to read the same map HE drew, Dudesssss, Sheesh yurself!

      • dean

        But Rino….why should we rely on “big government” to look out for goofs made by people who don’t appear to know where they live? What happened to personal responsibility?

        • Abraxia

          Because that’s the whole premise of Liberalism: Let government tell you where to crap, how to crap, and to screw you out of your toilet.

          Are you that much of a moron, or did someone lobotomize you and shave your scrote at a young age?

          • confused

            So, Republicans, who were apparently waiting for someone (Mommy, Big Government, Mr. Rogers…) to tell them that they had made a mistake that affected Mr. Duyck, are Liberals?

  • RinoWatch

    Dean my good man,

    Are you certain that you actually live in the district you vote in? How so? Who told you?

    I’ll agree with you regarding Duyck, that he had to be a naive fool if he didn’t check his property and find that it was split by two districts. I would have for sure, but then again I wouldn’t trust Billy Bradbury or Washington County elections in the first place.

    If my property were split I’d have had it re-surveyed, recorded, and submitted to the SOS and county before proceeding.

    My add — Your serve….

    • dean

      I’ll grant you the game. Trust but verify should have been his motto. Our systems are designed and managed by flawed humans.

    • missesminky

      Funny to see what sticklers libs are for election law enforcement…. except if they concern voters that are lil old ladies in Florida, blacks and illegal immigrants.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    You know its a little much that Bradbury doesn’t notice this error until it is way to late. I mean lets face it, it is reasonable to say that Duyck should have really checked before running. But lets also face the fact that it seems very disingenuous for Bradbury, who does have greater access to the maps etc than anyone, to somehow miss it until its too late to really do anything about it. It also doesn’t help the fact that no small number of people in this state have real trust issues with the way Bradbury has been handling his office. Verifying that someone is qualified to run in this and that district is his job. Is it too much to ask he do it in a timely fashion rather than so late in the game?

  • Delia Lopez

    How many of us actually check the maps? I have my voter registration card and believe what it says on it,is accurate. I would think if you have been voting as in an area for 7 years, your election has been certified by the state and the county, it should be allowed. It was a bizarre mistake, but the right thing to do would be accept the will of the voters. They chose him to represent them. A few yards makes no difference, the will of the people must prevail we are supposed to be in control of our government. So we need to find out the e-mail addy and phone numbers to contact and let our numbers be felt. Maybe picket the secretary of state? Let’s get thinking and take control. We the people need to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!

    Delia Lopez
    US Congressional Candidate Orego 3
    [email protected]

  • Davis

    Ultimately, this is much more than a simple “mistake” by the SoS. One could just as easily argue that Bradbury is at least civilly liable for the damages caused to Mr. Duyck. Bradbury is the very person responsible for drawing the district line in question. One of the cardinal rules by which his office operates is that no district line should divide any person’s property. The same type of rule pertains to the counties when they draw precinct lines. County clerks routinely draw precinct lines in urban areas along the property lines dividing back yards of residents rather than down the middle of streets (other than major arterials which can be considered natural boundaries of neighborhoods) so as not to divide neighborhoods. County clerks also strive (although not always successfully) to keep entire precincts within legislative districts. The reasons they sometimes fail is the whimsy of the SoS.

    This calamity has such an easy remedy: the SoS should stop punishing Mr. Duyck and the voters of HD29. Not only should he take complete and exclusive blame for the mess, but he should make reality what has been the defacto understanding these last seven years: simply move the district line the couple hundred yards required to encompass the entire Duyck property in order to comply with his own rules. To do otherwise is to invite a lawsuit. Certainly no one believes that adding the Duyck family to District 29, subtracting it from District 26, will throw off the population balance so drastically that it would damage anyone; especially since they have been voting in District 29 all these years, anyway.

    • RinoWatch

      Davis said,

      “Certainly no one believes that adding the Duyck family to District 29, subtracting it from District 26, will throw off the population balance so drastically that it would damage anyone;”

      The Duyck family home was INCLUDED in the District 29 re-apportionment after the 2000 census. That’s why they have been voting and otherwise part of the make up of D29 since ’00.

      Nothing today has changed!

      The legal argument for Duyck to pursue is the apportionment issue.

      If Bradbury had any integrity whatsoever (excuse me while I choke-cough) he’d step up, get out his crayons and correct the boundary line which WOULD NOT change anything in either D26 or D29…..