Gallup shows public trust is big for military, bottom for congress

Here is a facinating poll from Gallup. Origin.

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  • Jerry

    Seems about right except Supreme Court, newspapers, TV news organized labor, medical system, and public schools are all way too high.

    Who in their right mind would vote TV news that high? It is not even, by definition, news. Luckily more and more people are tuning out of TV mainstream news every single day and the newspapers are self-destructing quite nicely all on their own. Must be the cost of paper, huh? It is a good sign when Rush Limbaugh gets paid more each year than all the major network anchors COMBINED. And don’t think they haven’t noticed and don’t think they are insanely jealous. They are and they have.

    Organized labor makes up only 12% of the work force and they are doing a fine job of reducing their own numbers. The numbers will only get smaller as the auto companies continue massive layoffs due primarily to massively high wages and benefits secured by the unions. Funny how that works.

    Medical system isn’t bad, but I fear way too many Americans are way, way overmedicated and that is not a good reflection on the system. Way too many!

    The Supreme Court lost me when they voted to allow cities to condemn private property for profit alone. They stink.

    Public schools take much better care of their employees than they do of their clients. Enough said.

    I would have bumped up big business and dropped Congress even lower. Wait, Congress was at the bottom, wasn’t it?

    All in all, a fine survey.

  • Crawdude

    Yes, you can’t drop much lower than 6%, which is probably close to the margin of error.

    The real unfortunate thing, is that the sheepish American voter will return the majority of the congressional members to the seat they currently hold.

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